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Extra-Large Coco Fiber Liners

Choose coco fiber liners as an alternative to peat moss, perfect for lining troughs and window box cages. Made from coconut coir fiber, the material found between a coconut's husk and center, these extra-large inserts are easy to use and lovely to look at. Coconut fiber liners also help to create growing mediums that are conducive to optimal air circulation and moisture levels - the material is porous to air with impeccable drainage.

The benefits of coconut coir fiber as a liner material are many. Beginning with watering, coco fiber liners hold up to eight times their weight in water and release it slowly as plant roots take it up - this makes for nourished, healthy roots. And for an even friendlier growing environment, the material has a neutral pH of 6 to 6.7 rather than the acidic pH of peat moss. Coconut fiber liners also have beneficial potassium salts and phosphorus in their makeup, and inherently discourage diseases that thrive in soil via anti-fungal properties. Depending on use, liners can last for up to four years. These XL liners are designed for use in our extra wide and deep hay rack window boxes.

24"  XL Coco Liner
Price: $25.00
30"  XL Coco Liner
Price: $28.00
36"  XL Coco Liner
Price: $32.00
42"  XL Coco Liner
Price: $38.00
48"  XL Coco Liner
Price: $42.00
60"  XL Coco Liner
Price: $53.00
72"  XL Coco Liner
Price: $55.00
Coco & Coconut Coir Liner Rolls
Coco Hanging Basket Liners
Benefit from coconut fiber liners for outdoor window boxes, hanging baskets, hayrack and trough planters. Coconut coir fiber is abundant in benefits and affordable to use, making it a favorite of savvy gardeners everywhere. And depending on use and climate, coco fiber liners can last as long as 3-4 years. That's 3-4 planting seasons of robust organic beauty!

Coconut coir fiber is an efficient alternative to peat moss that sacrifices none of the natural beauty. Let's look at the facts: Beginning with pH levels, coco fiber liners measure on the neutral part of the scale from 6 to 6.7, whereas peat moss is known to have an acidic pH. Starting a container garden with a neutral pH makes for a friendlier planting environment with better control of root health. Coconut coir is also a more robust material that is fibrous in nature, as compared with mosses that can be somewhat unstable and dense.

Create growing mediums in coconut fiber liners and enjoy the benefits of this durable material. Each piece of matting is made from the fibrous coconut material known as coir, the part found between a coconut's center and outer husk. Coir is a natural performer in the garden and even has beneficial phosphorus and potassium salts in its fibers, both of which are nutrients that plants appreciate. Inherent anti-fungal properties also help coco fiber liners to protect against diseases that often thrive in soil - a perk for the entire garden and landscape.

Molded coco fiber liners featured above are designed for the Hooks and Lattice XL window cages and measure 9 1/2"W x 10"H in varying lengths. Each is held together using an ecological tree sap adhesive for a stable hold. For custom projects coconut coir fiber is also available to purchase in rolls. Matting is easy to cut into the correct shape and size for a custom fit to window boxes, railing planters and hanging baskets. After the insert is in place, many gardeners plant into the center and sides of the mat for fuller arrangements.

Coconut coir fiber liners are a wonderful way to grow a thriving container garden. For questions or assistance with online ordering, please call toll free at 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.