Standard Coconut Liner for Hayracks

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Standard Coconut Liner features:

  • Made from shredded coconut husks, and formed with tree sap
  • Holds the soil in place, but releases excess water
  • Fits Hooks and Lattice Hayrack troughs that are 7" in width and 7" in height
  • Hard to find longer lengths available

Ensure your beloved hayrack displays have the nourishment they deserve all year-around with one of our coconut liners. These planter liners are a mash-up mixture of absorbent coconut coir, husks, and all-natural tree sap. The combination creates a dense base for elaborate root systems - which ultimately allows your favorite flowers and plants to flourish. Liners hold moisture in longer, so roots get the moisture they need to thrive, but proper drainage is also provided to ensure root rot isn't a problem. Our coconut liners are molded to accommodate our standard wall troughs and hayracks measuring standard lengths of 24"-72" x 7"W x 7"H. Plus, their molded shape means they will fit perfectly in our standard hayracks, lending to long-lasting enjoyment and better, simpler gardening opportunities on your behalf. These liners are designed to last for several seasons, and they make an inexpensive solution for highly effective results- a beautiful window box. Switch out multiple liners to change seasonal displays, or to allow for easier portability of your plants during cold weather, without you having to interrupt their delicate root systems.