Coconut Coir Liner by the Roll

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  • 39" in width and approximately 1/2" thick
  • Comes in lengths from 4ft - 50ft
  • Made from shredded coconut husks and preformed into a roll
  • Create your own liners or DIY projects

Create a coco fiber growing medium in any size or shape using coco fiber rolls, brought to you online at Hooks & Lattice. In window boxes, railing planters and hanging baskets, coconut coir makes a lovely and efficient liner. Each coco liner roll is derived from the fibrous material found between a coconut's outer husk and milky center, making it a naturally breathable home for healthy plant roots.

Get coco fiber rolls to line new container gardens, or just keep a 4 or 8-foot coco liner roll on hand for easy replacement of worn or damaged inserts. Throughout the season, gardeners notice that use of a coco fiber growing medium has greater durability than peat moss or other green mats. The nature of the coir material is robust and ours is approximately 1/2" thick making for superior longevity. Not to mention, purchasing the material in rolls gives the gardener freedom to create whatever size and shape is right for each project. Simply use a utility knife to cut, then press coco fiber rolls into the desired shape for ready-made planter lining.

If ordering multiple lengths, your order may come as 1 continuous roll to cut as desired.