XL Coconut Liner for XL Hayracks

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XL Coconut Liner for XL Hayracks Details:

  • Made for large planters and window boxes
  • Natural, fibrous liner aerates soil, prevents root rot
  • Includes anti-fungal nutrients to prevent disease
  • Bird- and environment-friendly

Our Extra-Large Coco Fiber Liners bring the benefits of coco coir liners to larger window boxes, planters, and hanging baskets. Some of these benefits include completely natural, fibrous materials that promote healthy, aerated soil and keep plants drained to prevent root rot. Made from real coconut meat and outer husks, these environmentally-friendly coco fiber liners have natural ingredients that nourish soil, including potassium salts and phosphorus. Naturally anti-fungal and pH balanced, coco liners keep roots and plants healthy and hydrated (they can hold up to eight times their weight in water!), retaining water and releasing it to the plant as needed. Available in several large sizes as well as coco fiber rolls for cutting your own liners in the size and shape you need.

Coco Liners are pre-formed and measure Length x 9" Width x 9.5" Height