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Aluminum Exterior Shutter Hardware

Aluminum Exterior Shutter Hardware

Cast Aluminum Exterior Shutter Hardware is a great solution for a home owner that is looking for a maintenance free exterior shutter installation. Especially on a non-functional exterior shutter where the shutter panel is mounted directly to the wall of the house. In this instance the non-corrosive properties of aluminum combined with with a powder coated finish provide hardware that will outlast steel and iron shutter hardare pieces.

Furthermore, because the aluminum shutter hardware is a cast product it provides the same look of Old-World cast iron shutter hardware. Consequently, you get the best of both worlds: the look of authentic cast iron with a light weight, low cost and best of all a No Maintenance product. After all, the whole idea of choosing a faux wood shutter- operable or non- is to limit or eliminate the maintenance while at the same time choosing an exterior shutter that can last the life of your home!

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High Quality Aluminum Shutter Hardware

Whether you are looking for heavy-duty exterior steel shutter hardware or lightweight aluminum shutter hardware to create a unique decorative flare, Hooks and Lattice has a large inventory of modern and traditional designs to choose from. With many styles available for the new or existing homeowner alike, adding curb appeal with our attractive and durable faux hardware offers untold beauty and durability. The powder coated black finish adds a subtle yet elegant textural touch to any shutter project. Lightweight and non-corrosive, each item is easy to install and virtually maintenance free. We offer both operable (sold elsewhere on this site) and decorative shutter hardware, all with an attractive finished look in mind. And our collection includes everything you need to give your shutters a custom look--from faux hinges and shutter straps to hold back shutter dogs, shutter catches, and Clavos decorative nails.

Popular Shutter Hardware Styles

From our rugged wrought iron shutter hardware to aluminum, we offer a large selection of sizes, styles and designs to choose from. Most decorative accents come in 11", 14" and 19" traditional hinge type pairs. We carry both a small and medium size spade faux shutter strap, a scroll bolt style, conventional Orleans and Banded Orleans styles style as well. We even carry "H" hinges and New York Shutter Hinge Sets for classical styling that has been- and will remain- in high style for ages.

In addition, we offer S-style and Protruding and Flat Rat Tail style hold-backs. Check out our additional hardware items also available with the same attention to high quality manufacturing standards. Low cost yet long-lasting, there's no maintenance required on any of our exterior steel shutter hardware made with our baked on coating process.

Decorative Accents Boost Curb Appeal

Decorative accents on this page can easily improve curb appeal inexpensively. Made from the same cast process as iron, these exterior shutter hardware products convey the look of old-world charm at a fraction of the price of heavier metals. Built to endure all kinds of weather extremes, our decorative faux hinge fronts, shutter dogs, faux hinge pairs, and all hardware in this category will keep your home's exterior decor as expertly designed as the day it was first installed. For additional information or to discuss your next home improvement project, please call to speak with a representative today.

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