Stainless Steel L-Hinge New York Style Shutter Hardware-Pair

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Designed for operable exterior shutters these Stainless Steel Exterior Shutter L-Hinges can be positioned to show from the street when the shutters are in the open position.  Stainless Steel Exterior Shutter L- Hinges are sold as a pair (Left & Right) with a black matte powder coated finish and are forged using 304 series stainless steel to provide the best protection against the elements. Hinges work with 3/8" diameter pintels and comes with installation screws. These L hinges are 4.93 inches H x 6 inches W and you can choose the offset that you need. Stainless steel exterior shutter L- hinges can also be used as a faux hinge to give the appearance that the shutter is offset from the house for a maintenance free shutter hardware installation.  The offset required is determined by the distance between the brackets mounting surface on the window to hinged side of the shutters. For example a stone siding on a house might require the shutter to be further away from the house when in the open position thus requiring a larger offset then a stucco siding.