Black Aluminum Acorn (Bullet Style) Shutter Catch - Sold as each

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Product Overview:

  • Operable hardware.
  • Black Anodized Aluminum material to avoid rust and deterioration.
  • Sold as each.
Fit outdoor shutters with versatility using "Acorn Style" shutter catches. Sold as each, each bullet catch shutter hardware includes one button, one catch, and one pan headcatch screw, presenting a modern and simple way to hold shutters open while also maintaining an ability to close. Simply attach the "catch" to the shutter frame or window sill, and the acorn shaped button to the shutter panel. The button will push into the catch and clasp to hold shutters open and in place. Aluminum will not deteriorate or rust and is a material praised for its longevity outdoors. Holding force is about 25 pounds. Bullet catch provides 1.375 inch of offset. The overall assembled length for these hidden catches are 2.375 inches x 0.75" diameter oval head screws.
More Information
Width 2.375"
Diameter 1"
Material Aluminum
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