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Flower Shutter Dog Hold Backs w/ Lag Bolts

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4 1/2"

Decorative Exterior Shutter Hardware

For a seamless marriage of both utility and decorating, these shutter dog holdbacks can work to beautify your façade while they are hard at work keeping your exterior shutters open. Since we at Hooks & Lattice believe that even the smallest of functional elements for your home can have an attractive decorative quality, we offer you this exterior shutter hardware with a lovely floral motif. Each shutter dog portrays a perfectly symmetrical blooming flower. These versatile shutter holdbacks come in a glossy black powder coat finish that will look just gorgeous with other outdoor wrought iron hardware and decorative elements. This powder coat finish also protects your shutter dogs from rusting.

What are Shutter Dogs?

No, these aren't a pair of little canine friends that make it their job to stand guard at your home's exterior shutters and keep stray cats at bay. This exterior shutter hardware, decorative in nature these days, was used to serve a purely functional purpose many years ago. Installed with a through-hole so that they could be rotated up or down as needed, originally shutter dogs were designed to hold wooden shutters open. Though many people do not use their exterior shutters for utilitarian purposes these days, shutter dogs are still a well-loved addition to outdoor décor. They add just a little touch of classic elegance. And if you do wish to have functional shutters, these shutter dogs are ready to do the job.

Installing Shutter Holdbacks

Though adding shutter holdbacks to your façade will make a lasting impact when it comes to curb appeal, they are actually quite easy to install. Each of our shutter dog sets comes with lag bolts for mounting on any type of surface, including brick, siding, stone, and stucco. For operable shutters, position the shutter dog below your open shutter. Ensure that there is enough contact with the shutter for a secure hold. Mark your position and drill into place.

4 1/2"
Lag bolt is 4 1/2" Sold in Pairs