GrowBrownie "Crumbs" Soil Amendment

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Keep more water in your soil with PlanterWell GrowBrownie "Crumbs." This water retaining soil amendment is a unique mix of coco coir, composted fir bark, and a proprietary polymer. Mix it into your soil and it will hold amazing amounts of moisture. You'll water less often, never worrying about the health of your plants.

  • Retains more water than peat or vermiculite - up to 8 times its own weight!
  • Contains all the nutrients necessary to maintain healthy plants.
  • Improves sandy soil, clay soil, and loam soil.
  • Suitable for home and commercial applications alike.
  • Makes container gardening easier and promotes strong plants.

A 40/60 mix of GrowBrownie Crumbs and soil is recommended. Combine 1 cubic foot of Crumbs with 1.5 cubic feet of dirt and mix until the soil amendment is evenly distributed.