GrowBrownie "Brick" Soil Amendment

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The Grow Brownie is made from coconut coir and composted forest bark, so materials are all natural and healthy for plants. Great for planting containers, vertical gardening, and living roofs as well. They work by retaining moisture in whatever planter or medium you use, all while preventing the dangers of overwatering as well. Water is held until it is needed, when it is delivered directly to the roots through capillary action. Roots pull water and nutrients out as needed, and the rest is saved until later use. The Grow Brownie can hold up to 8 times its weight in water, allowing you to go longer between picking the watering can. It's great for those who travel and don't have time to water their gardens as often as they'd like, or those who happen to forget a little too often. No more coming home to wilted plants! They're also ideally suited for areas with high heat or low humidity to get plants through until rain comes again so they don't dry out in the hot sun.