Heatherbrook Window Box

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Heatherbrook Window Box Details:

  • Choose from our PVC, galvanized, or real copper liners
  • Powder-coated for rust resistance
  • Hand-made from steel bars
  • Back of cage is engineered for easy and safe installation
  • Dimensions with scrolls: Length + 9" x 13"W x 12"H

Wondering what a window box cage can do for curb appeal? Just imagine decorative flower planters bursting with color along railings, patio walls and window frames. The resulting vision is practically synonymous with beautiful home exteriors.

Inspired by the tradition of European window boxes, the Heatherbrook takes elegant wrought iron one step sleeker to satisfy modern tastes. This window box cage has the same ironwork so beloved in the garden but with lines a bit cleaner, and curvature a bit gentler. The resulting design puts these decorative flower planters right atop the list for chic curb appeal.

Buy window boxes online in standard sizes or work with Hooks and Lattice on a custom wrought iron cage. The Heatherbrook also comes with a choice of powder coated finishes for the cage in addition to various liner options. Play with colors and finishes to capture the look of classic European Window Boxes, or flip it more modern. All finishes are rust resistant and cages are easy to install using a system of integrated mounting strips.

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