Lattice Iron Decorative Air Conditioning Cover

$650.00 - $675.00
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Cover up that unsightly air conditioning unit without compromising its performance or the safety of your property. With the Lattice Iron Air Conditioning Cover and Window Guard, you can easily improve the look of any air conditioning unit mounted on the side of a hotel, apartment building, commercial property or residence. Once in place, these heavy duty air conditioner cages treat the eye to the beauty of wrought iron lattice work finished with a weather-resistant black or bronze tone powder coating. Because the powder coating is baked into the iron directly, there is lowered risk for rusting and corrosion as well as fading, allowing this item to bode well for a range of weather conditions and climates. Additionally, the color won't chip or peel, so it maintains its attractive appearance over time.

The cages are fully handcrafted to order, so please review drawings to ensure this size will work for you, as all made to order items are NOT returnable. Once in place, your air conditioner will actually become an addition to your home's curb appeal rather than an eye sore. The black finish also works well with a range of décor themes, so this item will coordinate well with whatever your décor happens to be. Call 800-896-0978 or email for custom sizing.

  • 24"L x 15"W x 18"H, manufactured in steel, powder-coated