Scroll Strap Window Box Bracket Pair

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Scroll Strap Window Box Bracket Pair Details:

  • Constructed from sturdy steel and powder-coated for longevity
  • Use 1 pair of brackets for 48" window box length or less
  • Use 2 pairs of brackets for 54" window box length - 72" length
  • Place brackets evenly under window boxes, with no more than 24" between brackets for quality support
  • Installation bolts not included

Never worry again about the safety of your blooming planter boxes with our Scroll Strap Window Box Brackets. This two-piece bracket kit will truly make your planter and window boxes appear to be permanent fixtures of your home. The three beautiful scrolls wrapped inside each bracket will add grace and charm to the outside of your windows. The sturdy 1" wide top and side straps are durable enough to hold springtime planter boxes that may be longer or heavier than average. All of our window box brackets are made from black powder-coated steel and are resistant to rust. Installation hardware not included.

This window box bracket accommodates 8.5" or 11.25", allowing you the option to plant to your heart's content. Keep edibles and herbs growing within reach from your kitchen window. Add the brilliant jewel-like hues of your favorite flowers to the porch of patio. Or, keep vining plants on the balcony to add to the outdoorsy feel. It's all within reach, no matter how limited your yard space. These brackets are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, while adding the graceful flourish of gentle scrolls to your exterior design for an elegant touch that works well with traditional as well as more contemporary decor themes.