Laguna Railing Planter

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The Laguna Railing Mount Window Box feature:

  • Manufactured from composite pvc, looks like painted wood, but will not rot
  • Flat back of window box makes bracket installation easy- simply bolt brackets to window box
  • Window box has drainage holes

It's our well-loved Laguna window box, but with a specialized mounting system that allows you to attach it to railings and fencing. Whether you've always taken up all your windowsills with our other stylish planters, or you simply don't have the space to use these versatile planters in the traditional way, you'll appreciate the added ability to enjoy fresh flowers, herbs, and greenery along railings. It's a great way to update an old fence, or to add beautiful blooms to the deck or patio without using up valuable floor space, which is often needed for sitting and enjoying the outdoors.

Each of these planters is made from quality materials that won't wear down in outdoor weather conditions. Even in locations with frequently inclement conditions, they won't rot, warp, rust, or fade. That means years of practical function and unbeatable style, with little to no maintenance. Despite its compact design, the Laguna offers plenty of interior space for your plants, allowing them to grow and thrive.

Ask about customization options, such as additional sizes and colors, additionally, internal watering reservoirs may also be available to cut down on watering time. Before installing your window box, the included rail brackets must be attached with countersunk screws- these are not provided. No liner is required.