Palisades Mail Post with Planter

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Palisades Mail Post with Planter features:

  • All Weather polyethylene sleeve that slips over 4x4 customer provided wood post inserted into ground.
  • UV Inhibitors for long lasting protection, 15 year warranty.
  • Includes post sleeve, and mailbox support arm, and planter, optional newspaper slot, solar finial light
  • Small mailbox recommended, less than 7 pounds.
  • Mailbox, wood post, address numbers, hardware for installing mail box NOT included

The Palisades mail post with planter is just what every home needs. Grow plants from a planter attached to this curb appeal mailbox. Your neighbors will be delighted with this addition to the outside of your house. To install, slide the vinyl planter mailbox over a 4 x 4 wood 6 foot post  (treated wood 6ft post is not included) that is already inserted two feet into the ground. Select from several different colors of vinyl. Both an attractive mailbox and a sturdy planter, this item is versatile and provides a great environment for growing eye catching flowers. (Mailbox is not included, optional solar light finial available and newspaper slot)