Mercury Low Voltage Path Light - Weathered Brass

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You keep hearing about low voltage lighting but what exactly does that mean? Normal household voltage is usually 120 volts. This is enough to keep the lights on, run appliances such as a refrigerator and a microwave, allow you to use your washer, dryer, blow dryer and computer. However, outdoor lighting doesn't necessarily need that much power to run. So instead of using the high-voltage, these lights use low voltage normally as low as 12 volts. This is ideal for outdoors because not only does it keep you from using more current then you need which results in wasting electricity, it also decreases the chances of damaging power surges or the hazard of an electrical shock. Our low-voltage path lights help you find your way from the curb to the door or to other parts of your property without using large amounts of electricity. The lights are crafted from extruded brass and have a weathered brass finish. They use an extra bright lamp and are pre-wired with Intelli-Flex wire. Thanks to the quality craftsmanship these lamps can withstand the typical weather elements and will look as beautiful several years down the road as they did the day you installed them.