Venus Low Voltage Path Light - Weathered Brass

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Low voltage outdoor lighting is the best of both worlds for homeowners. The low voltage aspect means that only the current that is needed is sent to the light and that decreases on the amount of wasted energy you experience. The less electricity you to use lowers your electricity bill and a small bill is always a good thing. The outdoor lighting can be added to your porch, your patio, your deck or any other outdoor space you choose. The lights are crafted from extruded brass and have a weathered brass finish which means the lights can handle rain, cold, and extreme heat. With these lamps you'll always be able to see where you're going which will be a great benefit for your visitors who might not be as familiar with your landscape as you are. The lights are also a deterrent to criminals since they prefer to prey on homes that aren't illuminated since they offer easier, undetected access. Increase your curb appeal, increase you hone's safety level and become the envy of your neighbors and friends and install these lights on your property.