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Nest Self Watering Raised Planters- 3 Sizes 6 Colors

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The Nest Raised Bed Garden Self Watering Planter Details:

  • Manufactured from poly-resin, looks like textured stone, but is light weight
  • Double wall construction gives roots thermal protection and structural integrity
  • Plug included with planter makes this planter great for indoor use.
  • Remove red plug on side of planter for outdoor use
  • Comes with water level indicator, easy to fill hole and overfill drain for the rainy months
  • Comes with plant stand that gives these raised bed gardens a total height of 35.75 inches
  • Self watering system tells you when to water keeping plants healthier with correct amount of water

This self watering planter has a fill hole, water level indicator, overfill drain and an indoor plug. It also has a double wall construction of lightweight anti-shock resin to withstand the years and the elements. These raised bed gardens are great for the patio or the balcony areas where space can be limited. Also a great option for gardeners that don't want to hunch over on the ground anymore. The height for each size planter is a comfortable 35.75 inches and the optional trellis makes growing your tomatoes easy as pie! The planting depth for each planter is 9.05 inches and comes with the stand. Overall soil capacity and water capacity in gallons for each size is listed below:

36" L x 18"W x 9"H (Total height including the Legs is 35.75"H) Capacity 13 gallons, Water capacity 6 gallons

44" L x 22"W x 9"H (Total height including the Legs is 35.75"H) Capacity 22 gallons, Water capacity 12 gallons

48" L x 30"W x 9"H (Total height including the Legs is 35.75"H) Capacity 40 gallons, Water capacity 18 gallons