Basswood Self Watering Window Box

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With our Basswood self-watering wall planter boxes, outdoor container gardening has never been so easy. These modern planter boxes bring the convenience of gardening pleasure right to your fingertips by easily mounting on any flat surface- you don't even need a window or ledge. Decks, porches, and balconies can benefit from a fresh burst of floral life with the optional railing brackets. Or mount this chic modern planter to a fence or bare wall for an instant decorative upgrade. Each Basswood vinyl planter has an included self-watering system for the ultimate in gardening ease.

The Basswood window box planter is all about versatility. Both in functionality and in aesthetic it is a sure fit for any type of architecture, or any type of lifestyle. This particular rectangular vinyl planter comes in a natural Slate gray or a bright white color that works well with any modern decor. The silhouette is also modern at first glance, though it is simple enough to be welcome in any number of decorative styles. Aside from design adaptability, these handy planters also allow for greater gardening flexibility. Each planter box has a removable planter liner so that you can start or maintain your plants right on the ground or on your potting bench. From there all you need to do is simply place the liner in the pre-installed box. This also allows you to move plants from box to box with ease, or even bring them indoors for winter storage.

Save both time and precious natural resources by taking advantage of the self-watering system for your outdoor garden boxes. These innovative window planters store enough water in the lower reservoir to keep them hydrated for up to 2 weeks. Then the handy water indicator lets you know when its time for a fill-up. These planters are great for hard to reach places like second story windows. And they're ideal for gardeners on the go who don't have the time for constant plant upkeep.