Artificial Ribbon Grass- 4 Colors

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Artificial Ribbon Grass- 4 Colors Details:

  • Approximately 16" high with a 5" stem (21" total) x 10" approximate width featuring six main branches
  • Outdoor rated with 4 colors to choose from

With our 21" Artificial Outdoor Ribbon Grass, you'll be able to enjoy spring all year long! These colorful outdoor artificial plants have 6 main branches with a host of long grass blades, creating a very authentic look. The 6 main branches jut out at a 30 degree angle. Upon delivery, the base main will remain vertical when planted in mounting material such as gravel, Styrofoam, plaster of Paris, or soil. The product has been treated with a UV coated resin to help it last even longer. Its feathery look would be especially striking when paired with a dark colored vase, bowl, or window box.