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White Mansfield Rain Catcher

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19.5"L x 22.5"W x 35"H

Cultivate your thriving garden directly from nature by capturing the fruits of a thunderstorm in a decorative rain barrel. Each rain catcher planter gives you room to plant a few flowers atop the vinyl base, while a downspout feeds the rain barrel from underneath during a rain shower, so you harness the power of nature when it comes to watering your other flowers throughout your garden, planters, and anywhere around your home. Not only will it help save your money month to month during the long summer days (watering all those flowers and vegetable gardens can get pricey!), it's also a more environmentally friendly way to enjoy healthy plants, since you won't have to use up natural resources from the tap. The natural fallen water is nutrient-rich, giving your plants a better opportunity to grow and flourish without the additives of a public water supply, so you're also improving the health of your plants. Plus, eating more vegetables from your own home grown garden provides greater health for you and your family as well. Each of these decorative rain barrels has a 40-gallon capacity with a 3-foot overflow hose to distribute water during those hard thunderstorms. Plus - we offer a 15-year limited warranty on each rain catcher planter.

And if its practical utilization isn't enough, this decorative rain barrel boasts a simple yet sleek appearance that adds a decorative touch to your patio or garden, so you won't have to endure looking at an eyesore to enjoy the perks of no-cost water for your summertime gardening endeavors. Its slender lines and column shape lends it an elegant feel, but it's without pretension and it's virtually maintenance free for long lasting function that won't take up a ton of your time. UV protection is added to prevent fading and yellowing over time, allowing it to keep its striking good looks through the seasons. No staining or painting is required and its clean white finish work wonderfully with virtually any home exterior. It also provides a stunning backdrop for flowers of any color.

19.5"L x 22.5"W x 35"H