Window Box Buying Guide

Easy Curb Appeal SolutionsEasy Curb Appeal Solutions

Easy Curb Appeal Solutions

By adding attractive window box planters you can grow edibles and create colorful window privacy too. Our easy-to-use Window Box Buying Guide will help you get started.

Increasing curb appeal to your home is more than adding an aesthetic element to make your home beautiful. By beautifying your home's exterior with decorations and cost-effective landscaping, you also increase property value, enhancing your neighborhood in the process. Yet other benefits can be significant. In the buying guide, you will learn a step-by-step selection process - from how to measure for planter boxes to what is the best, long-lasting material to choose, with additional curb appeal ideas suggested in the mix. It's just that easy!

Regular Window Sizes

With Shutters

Measure your window from left to right and measure the width of your shutters. Choose a window box that protrudes up to 1/3 of your shutters.

Multiple Windows

Without Shutters

Measure your windows from left to right including spaces between them. Choose sizes for individual windows or one long planter. This is a personal preference for each homeowner.


24-96" Lengths

  • Lightweight, durable, won't rot, warp, bow
  • Endures weather extremes without damage
  • Customizable; suitable for many decors

Wrought Iron

24-72" Lengths

  • Powder coated for weather resistance
  • Versatile use with pots, liners
  • Customizable; conveys old world charm


24-72" Lengths

  • Cedar and Redwood resists bugs and rot
  • Natural organic gardening container
  • Sustainably sourced


24-72" Lengths

  • Economical yet durable
  • Lightweight; ideal for railings, decks
  • Customizable; suitable for many decors

Cellular PVC

24-72" Lengths

  • Lightweight, heavy duty
  • Resists moisture damage, won't rot, warp
  • Customizable; suitable for many decors


24-72" Lengths

  • Weather resistant powder coat finish
  • Heavy duty; flowerpot and liner options
  • Suitable for many decors

100% Copper

24-72" Lengths

  • Snail and insect deterrent
  • Richly patinas to blue-grey over time
  • Customizable; timeless elegance


24-72" Lengths

  • Durable, cost effective
  • Lighter weight; ideal for railings
  • Customizable; suitable for liners and flower pots

Direct Mount

  • For PVC, wrought iron and vinyl window planters
  • Pre-drilled holes for approiate bolt hardware
  • Ideal for stucco, wood, brick or masonry

Cleat Mount

  • Easy to install/remove
  • Attach cleat to wall then slip planter over
  • Ideal for frequent replantings

Railing Brackets

  • Brackets fit snugle on fence or balcony railings
  • For heavier planter boxes, secure with cable ties
  • Increase curb appeal continuinty with design

Wall Brackets

  • Simple or decorative
  • Made from iron or wood
  • Two or more brackets required depending on planter size

Water Reservoirs

  • Waters through capillary actions
  • Keeps roots healthy for up to 2 week
  • Prevents root rot

PlanterWell GrowBrownies

  • Retains moisture
  • Irrigates starter seedlings effectively
  • Available in bricks or "crumbs"

Window Box Liners

  • Provides replanting convenience
  • Adds attractive element to cage window box systems
  • Extends life of wooden planter boxes

Fertilizers, Soil Amendments

  • Boosts plants and floral yields
  • Enriches soil with nutrients organically
  • Adds to soil moisture