Oil Rubbed Bronze Galvanized 2-in-1 Window Box or Liner

$45.00 - $333.00
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Features & Benefits

  • Timeless metal design with glowing bronze finish
  • Can be used as a window box or window box liner
  • Made from weather-resistant, galvanized metal
  • Optional Brackets come with hardware
  • L x 8"W x 7.5"H
  • Due to handcrafted nature measurements may fluctuate  +/- .5"
  • The Optional 8" Wall brackets accommodate the taper of the window box: the top is wider than the bottom width and these 8 inches allows us to center the window box to keep it stable.

Sophisticated in style and completed with a glowing finish, our Galvanized Window Boxes with Oil-Rubbed Bronze Finish are eye-catching, rain or shine. Made from durable sheet metal that has been worked into a gorgeous, powder-coated bronze finish, these metal window boxes are all at once chic and long-lasting. Mount them under windows, on deck railings, and on fences and balcony walls for instant curb appeal.

The Galvanized Window Boxes with our Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish are a rust resistant option for outdoor container planting. Our customers find this simple window box style to be chic and easy for integration into a range of applications, including as a standalone bronze tone window box or as a liner in one of the Hooks and Lattice wrought iron planting cages.