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Arch Window Box Cage

A Hooks and Lattice original, the Arch Window Box Cage adds a thoroughly Parisian air of fun and sophistication to your window boxes. An Arch Window Box Cage container planter beautifully displays plants in your choice of flower pots or a traditional window box liner. A white or metal liner with the black wrought iron arches design is an especially elegant accent when designing window boxes. Click here to see a wrought iron window box with a window box liner.

Our Arch Window Box Cages are made of welded wrought iron which is then powder coated with a textured black paint to resist rust and accent your container plantings for many years to come. They hang perfectly on either a home or a deck rail, and are offered in seven standard sizes plus custom lengths. Holes drilled along the back rail make for a simple installation to any flat surface. Optional shelf type mounting brackets are also available. When buying wrought iron window boxes, watch out for fake products cheaply made with bolts - they are not wrought iron and will rust badly.

The Arch Window Box Cage is Also Available in Custom Sizes

  Window Box Cages Look   
 Great on a House or Deck Rail 

      (Cage/Decora Deck Brackets Sold Separately)      

24in. Arch Window Box Cage
30in. Arch Window Box Cage
36in. Arch Window Box Cage
42" Arch Window Box Cage
48in. Arch Window Box Cage
54" Arch Window Box Cage
60" Arch Window Box Cage
72" Arch Window Box Cage

Whether they make you think of New Orleans' exotic French Quarter or the romance of Paris, you can count on the Arch Window Box Cage to look equally stellar on your home. A Hooks and Lattice original, this wrought iron container plant holder offers the flexibility of a traditional window box for those springs when they strike your fancy, letting you switch out to flower pots for fun and flexibility another year. Should you find something you love doesn't thrive in a traditional window box, it may do fine as part of a pot, because you can switch or rotate pots to better control the sun and shade mix. And here's a lovely surprise. Hooks and Lattice window box liners for our Arch Window Box Cage and its siblings now come in four enticing metal finishes, too. We cover the metallics with silver tone liners, copper tone liners, real copper liners and bronze tone liners as well as original white.

The Arch Window Box Cage may also be mounted on a deck rail - we provide the hardware you need. Its airy look and lines add a welcome open feel to your plantings, especially when you design your cage with potted plants. And of course vines and trailers always look especially lovely spilling from a window box. Every year brings new vines to garden centers, but standbys like margarita and licorice vine always delight, too. Look for a growing array of trailing flowers, too - Diascia, million bells (Calibrachoa) and nasturtium are among exciting and less used choices. Scaveolia and trailing verbena add lavender or purple tones. Fuchsias are stunning, but be sure to keep them well watered. The biggest challenge is narrowing down to what you want to plant this year!