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Outdoor Gooseneck Lighting Fixtures for Commercial Use

Aluminum Gooseneck Lighting is designed to illuminate signs and accent points on building exteriors. With charming curvature, these commercial outdoor lighting fixtures are ideal for restaurants, taverns or nightclubs looking to accomplish style and visibility. Also, known as RLM Lights, commercial lighting fulfills a range of applications. Use these durable outdoor lights for illuminating main building signs, or install stylish lights as interior architectural details. Above awnings, these industrial, yet decorative, exterior lights brighten hotels, coffee shops, sidewalk cafés and storefronts. Often used in downtown redevelopment projects and shopping malls, this collection of standard, CFL, and LED sign lighting provides an appealing vintage look for today's commercial design.

When applying commercial exterior lighting and sign lights, a good rule of thumb is to use one gooseneck sign light per 36" -48" of sign or surface, depending on desired brightness. Also, each sign light features an ideal mounting height to center lights' cast on the sign.

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Popular Gooseneck Light Fixtures
Gooseneck Lighting by Shade Style
Quickship Aluminum Gooseneck Lighting

Made in USA Gooseneck Lighting for Commercial Applications

Aluminum angle, warehouse, emblem, and barn Lights make attractive long-lasting light fixtures for functional commercial lighting. The Sign Bracket Store brings you high-quality, durable outdoor lighting fixtures that mount directly to building walls and façades for a visibility boost that also adds curb appeal to commercial structures.

Often applied as outdoor gooseneck sign lights, these handspun aluminum fixtures are efficient exterior RLM lights. For eye grabbing signage along retail storefronts, on corporate grounds or above a restaurant entryway, outdoor barn lighting fulfills its aptitude of brilliance, both literally in terms of illumination and from an aesthetic perspective. As exterior sign light fixtures, they achieve function and style without breaking the bank. And with so many customizations available, we can confidently stand as your one-stop-shop for commercial signage and lighting products.

Durability with Fine Metals and Powder Coat Finishes

Each of our outdoor business sign lights is constructed using aluminum that is powder coated for the best possible outdoor protection. Exterior sign light fixtures are available in a number of standard colors and most custom color requests can also be accommodated. Each exterior sign light includes a wall mount flange, arm extension, and reflector, making for optimal commercial exterior light fixtures that are sturdy and durable.

With one of the widest selections of barn light gooseneck shades, spotlights, angle shades and warehouse lamp shades that attach to a multitude of arm configurations, Sign Bracket Store is an online leader in commercial outdoor lighting supplies. We also integrate gooseneck sign lights into custom-made iron sign brackets to illuminate hanging signs. Our gooseneck light fixtures can also dazzle indoors as funky bar lights, creative retail display enhancement or as unique office fixtures.

Using Commercial Lighting Fixtures in Residential Settings

On top of our Gooseneck Lights' popularity for use as commercial exterior and business sign lighting, many of our fixtures have also become popular choices for residential applications, both inside and out. Place a single outdoor gooseneck lighting fixture over the door of a country home, or line a group of these outdoor wall lights with warehouse shades above a display of family photos for an inspired, contemporary look. A single gooseneck arm with an 8" Angle shade can stylishly and effectively illuminate artwork or work spaces in kitchens, hallways and foyers or grand entrances.

Whether your project requires residential or commercial outdoor lights, or you want to buy light fixtures for interesting interior applications, Sign Bracket Store's comprehensive selection of arm and shade combinations will satisfy any project requirement. For specs on products in our online collection, click on icons to explore in further detail or call toll-free. Buy light fixtures online, or call for custom orders.

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