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Commercial Projects We offer a variety of planters for your current project needs. Recent projects include: Niagra Falls Park (Canada), Hotel Del Coronado, Wolfgang Puck's and Westfield Shopping Malls

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Our Story

  • Planters Unlimited designs and manufactures commercial-grade outdoor planters in fiberglass, composite PVC, wood, and more, suitable for interior or exterior applications. We offer an array of companion products like hanging baskets, brackets, water reservoirs, planter liners, and a vast selection of artificial trees, plants, and foliage. Give us a call today and let one of our knowledgeable staff members assist you with your next project.

    Outdoor Planters by Planters Unlimited are a great way to add natural beauty, architectural interest or even a boundary to any outdoor space! Whether you are looking to enclose a patio, add pieces that will tie the outdoor environment with the indoor space or to simply add a natural element to an otherwise plain area, planters can be just what you need. Do you need Outdoor Planters made to a custom size that fits your space perfectly? Then you have come to the right place.

    We can manufacture outdoor planters to your specific size specifications within 2-3 weeks; the lead time is often significantly less. Many of our customers start with one of the numerous designs shown on our website, but change the dimensions to fit their requirements. However, if you have a specification to follow or your own unique outdoor planter design in mind we are happy to accommodate you as well!

  • A large variety of outdoor planter styles as well as material choices are available. Each of these choices can be used either in an indoor or in an outdoor application. Take a look at the many examples of outdoor planters made from Premier Cellular PVC, Redwood, Cedar, Fiberglass, Wrought Iron or even a combination of materials.

    Our most popular planters are made from a revolutionary product called Premier Cellular PVC. This material allows us to make outdoor planters that are indistinguishable from wood, yet they will never rot, warp, degrade or corrode in any way. Furthermore, if you are looking for white outdoor planters then you will never need to paint them because the material itself is white. However, should you wish, they are easily painted any color and because the material does not absorb water the paint will last a very long time.

    If your project requires a moveable planter many of our designs can be modified to accept casters. Planters on casters are often used in flex space settings where the area can be used for multiple venues. Planters Unlimited has made planters on casters for large and small planters. If your project needs planters on casters please give us a call at 1-888-320-0626

    If you didn't find the style or size you're interested in - click here to view our: Residential Indoor & Outdoor Planters

Planters Unlimited Projects

  • One of the top public universities in the nation, UCSD was built in the 1960's and 1970's in a eucalyptus grove in beautiful La Jolla, CA. During the major renovation of the student center, building remodeling and new construction it was determined that large outdoor planters were crucial to create a welcoming and attractive environment for students and staff alike. Public Architecture and Planning decided to go for a "tree house" look, with warm, natural woods throughout the campus.

    Custom redwood planters by Planters Unlimited were made to spec and suspended from a concrete wall by a unique bracing system. Public's design was honored by American Institute of Architects' San Diego chapter. The infamous hanging wall planters gained so much popularity with our clients, it is now available for purchase as the Muir Outdoor Planters Collection. Add redwood planters as a natural design element and unique way to incorporate plants and flowers into any setting.

  • The challenge of this project, for one of the most beloved historic hotels in the United States, was to remain true to the all-wood aesthetic of the site while providing exceptional quality and durability. Planters Unlimited solved this with our Premier Cellular PVC material in a custom design that complements the traditional look of the historic hotel. We created many outdoor planters in various square and rectangular sizes for installation around the grounds.

    Thanks to the solid-core Cellular PVC construction, the planters resist warping, cracking, and rotting while looking indistinguishable from wood. Planters also add old-world elegance to the site without adding maintenance headaches and cost. Add Coronado Composite Planters to hotels, shopping centers and restaurants today and say goodbye to high maintenance costs and woes in a matter of weeks.

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  • Artificial Plants & Commercial Planters: A Match Made In Heaven

    Find out why utilizing pre-planted commercial planters is an excellent way to brighten any commercial space. Bring in color and a hint of nature without having to worry about watering, slip and fall liabilities, fertilizing or dealing with messy soil. Plantscaped planters provide instant beauty; they arrive pre-arranged, simply move planter to desired location and admire the instant results.
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  • Custom Fiberglass: Drab To Devine In No Time

    See why custom fiberglass planters are the ultimate in versatile container gardening. Fiberglass planters can be custom built to meet any of the demands for specific installations. Long, tall, round, octagonal, rhombus, wavy, textured, illuminated, color matched, on casters, with a false bottom or a water reservoir - the list goes on. Read More

  • Why Your Company Should Use Custom Made Fabricated Outdoor Trees

    Have you recently moved into a new office building and are still trying to get everything set up? Whether you're just moving in or have been at your location for a long time, it's always important to add some beauty to the outside landscapes in front of your company's building. Read More

  • Planters Instead Of Gardening This Year

    In many instances, planters can be a lot more beneficial than gardens. They can be placed almost anywhere, have so many more arrangements that you can do with different containers, can look better than gardens and are a lot less time-consuming. Read More

Recent Additions

We're constantly working to develop new planter designs, large hanging baskets and commercial site furnishings to solve your problems. At Planters Unlimited we believe that design and functionality can be maintained co-efficiently through intelligent product development, and take pride in exceeding our client's expectations with excellent service and quality construction.

Turn your visions into reality with these new premium products from Planters Unlimited.

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