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Railing Planters, Deck Flower Boxes, and Fence Rail Planters

Railing and fence window box style planters will help you turn your house, condominium or apartment patio / balcony into a garden oasis. Almost any area bordered by a railing can be taken from bland to dramatic and from uninviting to cozy with rail planters that incorporate deck rail brackets with window box style planters. All of our railing planters, deck flower boxes, and fence rail planters are designed to be mounted on or hung over the railing using one of our many deck rail brackets. Use our superior deck railing brackets and turn a window box into a fence planter to create a stunning garden environment that will draw friends, family and yourself into areas that may have otherwise been much less appealing. Hooks and Lattice has the widest selection of deck rail brackets and rail planters on the internet. Get creative with our deck railing brackets and turn your patio in an amazing hanging garden.

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Cottage Weave Deck Rail Planter Box
Hayrack Troughs That Work on Deck Railings
24" Laguna Railing Mount Window Box
Hampton Rail Top Planters
Standard Cedar Rail Top Flower Box
Lattice Rail Flower Box
14in. Rounded Cedar Deck Rail Planter - Half Barrel Design
28in. Rounded Cedar Deck Rail Planter - Half Barrel Design
Snap! Railing Planter
8in. Del Mar Decora Flower Pot Holder
8in. Venetian Decora Flower Pot Holder
Set of 3 Saddle Railing Flower Planters
Set of 3 Balcony Railing Herb Planter w/ Hanging Hook
Zinc Rectangular Flower Box Balcony Planter
Herb Print Rectangular Flower Box Balcony Planter
White Rectangular Balcony Garden Planter
Medallion Deck Bracket (Pair)
Medallion Rail Bracket (Pair)
Countryside Railing Bracket - Black (Pair)
Countryside Deck Bracket - Black (Pair)
Deck Drape with 7" Shelf
2" x 4" Deck Rail Bracket | Use w/ Cages & Decora Window Boxes - (Pair)
2" x 6" Deck Rail Brackets | Use w/ Cages & Decora Window Boxes (Pair)
Deluxe Deck Rail Bracket - 2x4 Wood Railing - (Pair)
Deluxe Deck Rail Bracket - 2x6 Wood Railing - (Pair)
Pair of Black Brackets for Cottage Weave Deck Rail Planter Box
Pair of White Brackets for Cottage Weave Deck Rail Box

This picture shows three custom Premier window box style railing planters that have been designed with a 45-degree angle base mounted with standard shelf brackets. Simply place these deck railing planter brackets over your railing, attach a standard window box and you are ready to begin gardening. The railing planters are designed to accommodate railing or fence top widths from 2 to 6.

Prior to selection of a deck railing brackets or fence planter, it is important to choose deck rail brackets that has been designed to fit securely over the (wood or metal) hand railing or fence. Furthermore, the railing and fence plant containers have drainage holes.

These holes ensure that plants can be watered without subjecting roots to soak in standing water. At Hooks and Lattice we carry only superior quality deck railing brackets railing and fence plant containers that are durable and aesthetically pleasing, while providing an excellent value.
At Hooks and Lattice our railing and fence planters (for wood or iron / metal railings) are made with a variety of materials like wood, iron, copper, cellular (Azek), vinyl, etc. In fact, many of these planters can be made to custom lengths that meet your specific requirements. We can even design and manufacture the perfect combination of deck planter brackets and railing planters that wrap around the entire deck railing, giving the appearance of one continuous railing planter. At Hooks and Lattice we have the unique resources and capabilities to provide you the planter that best suits your specific needs. We seek to provide our customers with options as wide as your imagination.