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Commercial-Sized Square Fiberglass Planters

Square fiberglass planters by Planters Unlimited brilliantly showcase plants through simple design lines and understated elegance. Our square commercial-sized planters are also built to endure extreme conditions and exceed performance expectations. Made from strong, durable, waterproof fiberglass, we offer large square planters in an array of attractive styles, numerous finish options, and sizes for every application.

Both residential and commercial developments find that a square planter fits perfectly into almost any landscape or structural layout, inside or outside. Our high quality commercial square planter designs include versatile tapered styles and large footprints for placement in expansive spaces like parking lots, pedestrian plazas, or extra wide corridors in airports or shopping malls. Choose from smooth or sandy finishes and a full spectrum of fade resistant colors: from bright and bold tones, to organic natural tones. You're sure to find the large square planter that's right for your project.

For questions or to discuss a custom order of large commercial-sized planters in square shapes, please call us toll free at 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm, Mon-Fri.

Modern Square Planters
12 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Modern Tapered Square Planters
21 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Tuscana Square Planter
Tuscana Tapered Square Planter
Sienna Square Planters
Capri Square Planters
12 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Naples Square Planters
9 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Valencia Tapered Square Planters
3 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Prato Square Planters
5 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Baxter Fiberglass Square Planter
Madera Square Commercial Planters
Portland Square Planters
Neo Polished Aluminum Square Planter
Brockton Square Fiberglass Planter
Nazca Square Planters
Keswick Square Planter
2 Panel Configurations in 10 Standard Sizes - Custom Sizes Available
Villagio Square Planters
7 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Griffin Square Fiberglass Planters
2 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Belterra Square Planters
5 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Orvieto Square Planters
5 Standard Sizes- Custom Sizes Available
Dartington Square Low Bowl Planters
Arroyo Square Planter
Carlisle Square Planter
Laurelwood Square Planter
Ventura Square Planters
Dartington Square Planters
Novara Square Planter
Ashville Square Planter
2 Panel Configurations in 10 Standard Sizes - Custom Sizes Available
Mason Square Corrugated Concrete Planters
Brockton Tapered Square Planter
Madera Tapered Square Fiberglass Planters
Baxter Fiberglass Tapered Square Planter, Faux Board-Formed Concrete
Jasmine Square Fiberglass Planter 24in.L x 24in.W x 48in.H
Ashville Tapered Square Planters
Jaxson Fiberglass Square Planters
Marek Fiberglass Planters
Modern Square Fiberglass Post Planters
Modern Tapered Square Fiberglass Post Planters
Use a square planter to add visual geometric interest to spaces that are overwhelmed with too many circular designs. Place them in a restaurant or food court setting where the tables are round for variety - or where tables are square for unity. Use a large square outdoor planter to offset the curvaceous lines of a swimming pool. Or let it compliment the rounded architectural columns of a stately hotel, bank, or government building. Anchor the entryway of a building by placing them so that they flank the circular revolving doorway, for instance, or use square planters to define the front facade of a resort hotel. They work great in a transit terminal where traffic moves in circles toward the lobby for pick up and drop-off of guests and passengers. Or use them anywhere that you want to create consistency of shape alongside other square, rectangular, or otherwise angular features or architectural themes.

Rectangular designs are often used to add greenery to urban renewal projects, to enhance the beauty of parks and city walks, and to refresh the aesthetics of schools, hospitals, government offices, and public parking garages. Homeowners associations and those who manage or design property developments - both residential and commercial - find that the square planter fits perfectly into almost any landscape or structural layout, whether indoors or outside.

Valencia Tapered Square

The Valencia Tapered Square is extremely popular because it adapts beautifully to a variety of physical situations and visual or decorative needs. While it has the boldness and confident strength of other commercial square footprint planters, it also offers the graceful style and stately posture of a gently tapered shape. The two design elements create a synergy that is unique and individual but also has universal possibilities and applications. The Valencia Tapered Square provides the designer or landscaper with two styles melded into one adaptable planter. Many of our customers consider it - two for the price of one - because they can use it in so many different ways. Meanwhile the affordable Valencia Tapered Square convincingly outlasts and outperforms the competition.

Naples Square

The Naples Square planter is designed with a relatively low profile but a larger and wider footprint. The Naples is commercial planter with neat, clean lines and an unobtrusive appearance that is especially suited for situations that call for an expanded footprint without unwanted height. Because of its ample bed area the Naples can easily accommodate larger diameter root systems, bulkier plants, and arrangements that incorporate numerous plants of different sizes working together within one single planter box. Use it to break up expansive areas into more distinct spaces while adding organic variety. The Naples subtly anchors and cleanly beautifies interior or exterior plans and landscapes, and is built to last for years and still look great.

Modern Tapered

When you cannot afford to compromise beauty and attractive style but you also need a sturdy commercial planter that can put a wide swath of greenery into a big space, the Modern Tapered delivers it all. This fiberglass planter has a long, wide footprint that works perfectly whenever you need a more rectangular design, and rather than taking up vertical space that is best filled with plants, it tends to maintain a lower profile over a larger area of ground or floor. The Modern Tapered design is capable of holding large, voluminous, heavy plants or trees without looking like a mundane industrial container. In fact, it is one of the most attractive and eye-catching planters available on the market today.