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Fieldfare Urn

Garden planter urns reflect many styles. The Fieldfare Urn combines classic details for a planter that's as at home today as it might have been a century ago or in ancient Greece! Caviar black and rust are both stunning complements to architectural features and plants. Fieldfare garden planter urns, with a variety of detailing, are perfect for any outdoor setting, crafted of resin to avoid the hassles of similar cement planters, such as cracking if the dirt is left in over a cold winter. In addition to striking bands and rims atop and near the bottom, the urn lines of the Fieldfare outdoor planter features side detail of flowers and other plant parts woven into a shape similar to the garland cords so popular on curtains in bygone eras plus a classic Etruscan effect with subtly rounded vertical convexes at the curve. Stylized leaf detail further accents the pedestal of this lovely Victorian planter. Actually, Fieldfare garden planter urns fit with any older home or smaller commercial building. This urn is guaranteed against sun fade and weather cracking for 10 years, and comes with drainage pre-drilled.

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Fieldfare Urn- Caviar Black
Fieldfare Urn - Rust
Price: $164.85
We offer resin garden planter urns so well crafted that you have to touch them to be sure whether they're traditional cement or durable, lightweight faux. Many a gardener has discovered plants and soil should have been removed from a cement pot over the winter in a climate where ice forms only come spring when they discover a sizeable crack in their planter. That not only shortens its useful life - you can often say that the crack adds to an urn's period look at use it for some period of time if the cracking isn't too severe - but also demands frequent watering since a cracked exterior plant urn will dry out much faster. Resin also keeps your planters relatively easy to move. A comparable cement planter would be a bear. That's especially nice if you want to move a planter occasionally or need to rotate it to even the growth of plants as they reach for maximum sunlight. Another benefit of top quality resin garden planters is that they are guaranteed against fading from the sun or cracking from ice or other weather for 10 years.

The Fieldfare Urn has it all in terms of design and detailing for a totally classic look. This kind of detailing is hard to find in concert these days, and is costly, ranging from about $600 to $1,500 per urn for quality cement planters. Sometimes more, plus, as we said, the exquisite detailing on the Fieldfare urn is rarely available because the cost becomes prohibitive. Inexpensive concrete planters can quickly become high-priced if they only last a season or two, so be sure to shop with care if you are also considering cast or molded concrete. Buying locally helps to avoid substantial shipping costs for heavy planters.

Those are just a few of the reasons quality resin outdoor planters are so popular. These resin garden planters, available in elegant caviar black or rust, defy neat assignment to any era, but are most often described as Victorian, Greek, Italian, Tuscan, French or Old World. Perhaps simply "classic" best describes this versatile landscape planter.