Pendant Lighting

These hanging pendant lights designed by Fabby are a collection of stunning ceramic fixtures. Crafted in a variety of styles, a ceramic pendant light has the potential to satisfy interior designers, homebuilders and DIY project enthusiasts. From trendy aesthetics requiring modern lamps, to a Southwestern-themed project in need of rustic appeal, pendant lighting fixtures in this category cover a range of design bases.

Each ceramic pendant light is handmade starting with white earthenware clay. The clay is worked, molded with a slip cast and, finally, bisque fired at just the right temperature to achieve a naturally lovely white tone. Hanging pendant lights are thereby a chic combination of clay artwork and modern lighting.

Shop online for pendant lighting fixtures and browse ceramic designs ranging from simple cylinder shapes to larger bowl fixtures with cutout patterns. Fabby pendants can be painted using acrylic or latex-based paints.

A ceramic pendant light makes a sophisticated, functional lamp. Starting with clay and ending in a bisque fire kiln, hanging pendant lights are an ode to the tradition of ceramic artwork that also incorporates all the utility of a functional light fixture. And, unlike the usual lot of pendant lighting fixtures, these suspenders are unique in design and handcrafted to achieve authentic beauty.

This collection of hanging pendant lights is designed by Fabby and brought to you online by Hooks and Lattice. In terms of design, each ceramic pendant light is born of a meticulously constructed slip cast that provides the initial shape. After clay is handworked and prepped for casting, the beginnings of pendant lighting fixtures emerge in a semi-dried state that is ready for firing. An optimal temperature and time spent in a kiln oven results in a one-of-a-kind ceramic pendant light, ready to be wired for interior lighting.

Pendant lighting fixtures in ceramic designs are given a standard wiring for dry, interior applications. For details on possibly damp and covered outdoor applications, please click on individual products above. Our customers range from homeowners who want hanging pendant lights with a unique style to interior designers who work with commercial clients on a large-scale lighting design. The range of clientele demonstrates the versatility of these products.

Above all, each ceramic pendant light we supply is a functional lamp with the ultimate purpose of providing a light source. Hanging pendant lights are popular above kitchen islands, as a creative reading lamp in a study, or even as a substitute for bedside table lamps. The ability of droplights to free up spaces where a lamp would normally sit makes them a favorite for a range of innovative lighting projects.

For more information on pendant light fixtures, please click on individual products above. Most suspenders come with a standard configuration for incandescent lamping, and take a 100-watt bulb. This may vary per product. All droplights are UL-approved for interior applications, with many also rated for damp exterior applications. To color a ceramic pendant light, simply apply your favorite latex- or acrylic-based paint.