Montclaire 32 inch Tall Planter - 3 Colors

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Tall Modern Outdoor Planters

These chic modern outdoor planters are sure to be a hit this spring when you add them to your outdoor décor. More than just a plant container, these tall round planter boxes are closer to a work of contemporary art. With the Montclaire design we take a refreshing twist on the classic cylindrical design giving this resin planter a tapered silhouette, ribbed texture, and sloped rim. Breathtaking in its simplicity, the tall Montclaire planter is a great way to showcase your favorite flowers and brushy greens. Available in bold colors like Green and Blue, this planter is sure to draw eyes to your façade when placed on your front porch or along a driveway or path.

Round Planter Boxes for Tight Spaces

Have you got an empty and, admittedly, boring spot on your deck or in living room? One that you just can't seem to find the right decorative piece for? The tall, slender shape of the 32" Montclaire planter pot makes it the perfect accent piece for corners, hallways and other tight spaces. With vibrant color and bold design, this planter is a simple and easy way to bring new life to those uninspired spots. This tall planter nestles in well to any corner, can be placed at the end of hallways, beside staircases, or between seating and other furnishings. It adds an interesting vertical element, especially when you fill it with unique indoor or outdoor plants.

A Brilliant Hue, Through and Through

Made from high-grade polyethylene, the Montclaire planter is safe to use in either indoor or outdoor applications. It will last just as long on your patio as it does in your dining room. Each rotationally molded planter features double-wall construction for extra durability and built-in UV-inhibitors to resist fading. Colorant - available in five attractive choices - is included throughout the material, not just on the surface, so you can be guaranteed an even, brilliant tone inside and out.

More Information
Height 32"
Diameter 16"
Top Length 16"
Top Width 16"
Style Contemporary, Large
Material Vinyl
Shape Round
Color Black, Blue, Brown, Green, White
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