Envoy Low Voltage Ceiling Mounted Light - Weathered Brass

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A light as your just walk in the door is a comforting thing. But it doesn't have to be the usual light dangling from the ceiling or attached to the wall. We offer a line of entryway pendant lights that offer the same welcoming effect, but with a completely different look. Instead of descending from a pole or being hardwired to the ceiling, these lights are suspended from a wire or chain that is attached to the ceiling. Think basement light with pull chain, only fancier. They lights are crafted from cast and solid machine brass and have a weathered brass finish. These lights will look amazing for years. They are pre-wired and come with three foot, 25 foot or 50 foot leads so you will always have plenty of wire to work with. The lighting is UL listed and runs off a Astro-Brite lamp and a maximum of 20 watts. This makes the pendant light very low voltage. This is a good thing for several reasons. First is keeps your electrical costs low since the light only uses what it needs to properly run. The other reason is the light poses less of an electrical risk. This light will increase your curb appeal and will be a welcomed sight each time you arrive home.

More Information
Length 6.8"
Height 22.7"
Style Pendant Lighting
Material Brass
Wattage 20W, 2W
Bulb Type Astro-Brite, LED
Color Brass
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