Observer Low Voltage Hanging Light W/ Chain - Weathered Brass

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When most people think of hanging lights, they think of either the one lone lightbulb in the basement of the garage, or they think the fancy-schmancy chandelier in their mother-in-law's dining room. Although those are types of hanging lights, there are many other types. Create a fun and festive outdoor environment by installing hanging outdoor lighting. Instead of attaching lights to the side of your house or to the railings of your porch or patio let these lights shine down from a series of chains that are attached to the top of your porch or patio. The Observer low voltage hanging light with chain is crafted from cast and machine brass. The shade is stamped with reflective white powder coat interior. The surface of the light is a weathered brass finish. At a max wattage of 20 watts these lights will give off plenty of illumination but will do so without taxing your home's electrical system or sending your electric bill through the roof. Add these lights to your outdoor environment and get ready to spend more time entertaining outdoors then you will in your actual home.

More Information
Length 6.8"
Height 5.2"
Style Pendant Lighting
Material Brass
Wattage 20W, 2W
Bulb Type Astro-Brite, LED
Color Brass
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