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Promenade Patio Planters

Add botanical pops to any corner of your landscape with the Promenade Self-Watering Planters. Great for enhancing outdoor living spaces, these quality molded plastic planter boxes give the classic impression of wood in a more user-friendly format.

Patio Planter Features

  • High-grade polyethylene construction
  • Double wall design adds durability
  • Superior weather resistance, no mold
  • Attractive beaded paneling

Plastic planter boxes also have built-in sub irrigation that helps to keep plant roots nourished and healthy. Any gardener will love self-watering planters because of the added relief from manual sprinkling. Less upkeep makes adding more vivid green and floral arrangements possible. So, go ahead, mix and match different patio planter sizes throughout a landscape and bring beautiful botanicals to every last corner of your house. Bring on the petunias, asters, daisies and begonias - we see plenty of gorgeous petals in your future.

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Promenade 14" Square Planter-Black
Promenade 14" Square Planter-White
Promenade 14" Square Planter-Clay
Promenade 16" Square Planter-Black
Promenade 16" Square Planter-Clay
Promenade 16" Square Planter-White
Promenade 20" Square Planter-Black
Promenade 20" Square Planter-Clay
Promenade 20" Square planter-White
Promenade 24"x11" Patio Planter-Black
Promenade 24"x11" Patio Planter-Clay
Promenade 24"x11" Patio Planter-White

Searching for a patio planter to simplify container gardening? Look no further than our vinyl plastic planter boxes made out of quality-grade polyethylene. This sophisticated material makes the classic look of painted wood possible without the need for seasonal scraping, sanding and touch-ups. Now that's what we call smart container gardening.

Did we mention they're self-watering planters?

The beauty of the Promenade Polyethylene Plastic Planter Boxes doesn't stop at their low-maintenance, attractive makeup. This container is one designed by gardeners, for gardeners. Here's what we mean:

Patio planters come with integrated sub-irrigation. This means longer intervals between manual watering, healthier arrangements and lower susceptibility to root rot. Plants can drink on their own terms as long as the reservoir is filled. This regular nourishment makes for happier, flourishing flowers and greens.

No mildew, mold or rot - period.Water and plants go together like summertime and lemonade. So why not have a patio planter that can handle moisture without giving way to damaging rot and mildew? Quality-grade polyethylene plastics are revolutionary when it comes to weather resilience. They resist all of nature's most menacing effects like fading in sunlight, cracking in cold and molding in excess moisture.

The Ultimate Patio Accessory

Have a lone Adirondack chair in the corner that's looking pretty lonely? Add a pop of color with some petunias sprouting from patio planters. The Promenade comes in a choice of black, clay or white so it's easy to match with other outdoor deécor. Rectangular and square shapes are also available to diversify the types of plantings on display.

Durable Through and Through

This isn't just your ordinary plastic planter box. Double wall construction equips containers for maximum durability in the toughest elements, even when displayed right out in the open on patios and decks. And customers are amazed at just how lovely polyethylene looks. The visual effect is decidedly "un-plastic" for that classic garden feel.