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You don't have to be an experienced gardener to grow healthy and beautiful plants right on your kitchen counter or patio when you've got our Fleck self-watering planters. In fact, you don't have to have any gardening know-how at all, thanks to the innovative sub-irrigation system built right in to each of these outdoor and indoor planters. The Fleck system takes advantage of the fail proof method invented by Mother Nature herself, allowing plants to drink up from their roots as needed. Go as long as 12 weeks between waterings. Low maintenance, durable, and attractive this mini flower box is the perfect combination!

Each Fleck planter comes with everything you need to grow lush plants indoors or outdoors. . The petite 6" and 7" sizes are perfect for planting herbs, allowing you the convenience of a fresh flavor boost right in your kitchen. The larger 14" model works well with tropical or other indoor plants. The smaller Fleck cube planters include a planter, plant liner, and water wick that is designed to be used with store-bought herbs in their original containers. With these modern planters all you need to do is add water once every couple of months and let the irrigation system do the rest!

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A Versatile Modern Planter Design

Low maintenance plant care is important, but when you also want a flower pot that will look good on your dining room table or office desktop then this is the right one for you. We designed this simple cube planter for use in any type of exterior or interior décor. It has a minimalist design that is contemporary yet fits in comfortably with traditional and rustic spaces as well. Though simple in silhouette, this cube-shaped planter gets a punch of unique appeal from its textural treatment. With a bubble-like surface it just begs for you to reach out and touch it. The Fleck planter comes in three color choices, including the classic Black or White. Or if you're feeling adventurous, go with the Lime Green for a dramatic accent piece.

Attractive, Handy, and Durable All in One

Handsome and functional, this planter simply wouldn't hit the trifecta without unsurpassable durability as well. Made from high-quality plastic, these planters are suitable for any indoor or outdoor application, including unsheltered deck and patio spots. They have a shatterproof outer shell that makes them welcome in busy or precarious spots, including commercial applications. They are UV resistant, meaning that you can place your plants in the sunniest locations without worrying about this planter fading or discoloring. These plant pots are also delightfully lightweight, making transporting them simple. Transfer outdoor planters inside for the cold weather months, or feel free to redesign your decorative scheme any time you like.

Planters Large and Small

No matter what you're planning on planting, the Fleck is the right garden container for you. It is available in three convenient sizes to meet your every need. The smaller 6" and 7" square models are designed with herbs in mind. You can make any season herb season with this handy planter. Grow all of your favorite varieties right on your kitchen counter or windowsill. From thyme to tarragon, these pots are the perfect size for a single plant to grown healthy and lush. And if it's an entire herb garden you're planning, why not opt for the 14" cube planter? This large pot provides ample space for a variety of smaller greens and flowers. It also makes the perfect home for a palm or other tropical plant.

How the Sub-Irrigation System Works

Our Fleck planter pots depend on sub-irrigation to feed and water your plants, allowing them to meet their fullest potential. Both the large and small Fleck planters include everything you need to grow lush indoor plants with very little maintenance. Designed for store-bought herbs and greenery, the mini cube planters employ a water wick that eliminates the need for repotting. Simply insert it in the existing pot and then place it in the liner. The plant will "wick" up water for weeks of worry-free plant care. The larger Fleck planter includes a sturdy plant liner with handles for easy removal and a complete sub-irrigation system. This includes a water level indicator and PON substrate.

More Information
Length 6", 7"
Height 5", 6.5"
Width 6", 7"
Style Small Space, Contemporary
Material Vinyl
Shape Square
Color Green, Slate, White
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