Indoor Planters

Indoor Planters

Plant in style with indoor planters in chic, contemporary designs. These are also self-watering indoor planters that add smart functionality to the table, windowsill, or any other place you put them. Choose from a range of modern indoor planters in various styles and sizes to suit any setting.

Modern silhouettes and practical utility make self watering indoor planters a smart choice for sleek interiors. Incorporating houseplants can be challenging, and the right indoor planters need to manage growth while maintaining visual appeal. These designs do just that by combining an effortless, elegant style with the functionality of a self-watering feature.

Modern indoor planters are at home in offices and kitchen windowsills. The self-watering design allows plants to drink from reservoirs that hold onto a water supply longer and without the risk of drowning roots. Say goodbye to wilted disasters, and hello to chic, refreshing indoor decor.

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Get elegant, modern indoor planters in one convenient online store. At Hooks and Lattice, we are proud to supply this collection of self watering indoor planters that exude an impeccable sense of style while also managing to be practical. To get a handle on container planting for contemporary interiors, we think our customers will love what these indoor planters have to offer. Commercial and residential designers alike look to indoor planters as a means to enhance their designs. Homeowners are no different. After all, nothing refreshes interiors like the presence of live plants and flowers. Along with live planting though, come the demands of a living thing: Enter self watering indoor planters. This is a hassle-free means of making office and houseplants manageable and even, dare we say, low maintenance. Modern indoor planters with a self-watering feature offer a chic option that can also help to cut down on resource expenditure. For decorators at home, these indoor planters make great windowsill displays to create a miniature herb garden or plant simple, soothing tall grasses. At the office, fresh arrangements of flowers and greenery make a space feel warmer and more conducive to productivity. Simply learn to fill reservoirs on a schedule and maintaining vibrant plants is never an issue. In bustling office spaces, a home of two working parents, or even in high-up spots that are hard to reach for regular watering, self irrigating planters give any indoor gardener access to a lovely, low maintenance display. (Most styles in this category are self-irrigating planters with the exception of our smallest container that lack a self-watering reservoir). In addition to this selection of chic, clean designs modern indoor planters are also offered in a range of sizes, colors and finishes. Most of the self watering indoor planters come in a plastic material finished with high quality paint that gives each piece a look and feel more closely resembling a ceramic container. Colors and finishes range from neutral tones including straightforward black and white, to brighter, glossier finishes like red or silver metallic. Manufactured by Lechuza, this collection of modern indoor planters comes in diverse style and size options. For more details, please contact us toll free at 1-888-320-0626, 7am-5pm PST, Monday-Friday.