24in. Living Wall Planter

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If you're looking for a unique way to enhance your home's curb appeal, without breaking the bank or having to tend to a complicated garden setup, then our living wall planter is an optimum choice. It will not only create an eye-catching display outside your home, but it also creates a more private feel when used in small locations such as patios. Or, you can even use it indoors with dried flowers or artificial items, by placing the stems directly through the moss barrier.

How does a wall garden planter work?

It's easy to create a lush, healthy living wall with just a few ingredients. Each wall is covered in sphagnum moss, a natural substance that negates the need for added soil entirely. It absorbs light, water and nutrients to keep plants healthy and thriving when used outdoors. All you need to do is water your seedlings as they grow to ensure proper hydrated. Once your wall is fully grown, you'll enjoy a thick and lush appearance that easily complements your home and garden. It makes a wonderful addition when placed just about anywhere throughout your yard, on the deck, or off the patio. You can also use the wall inside your home to create a breathtaking display. Just use dry flowers and insert them right into the moss. Or, ask about our range of realistic faux flowers and vines, and use them to create something one of a kind for your home décor.

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Length 14"
Height 24"
Width 14"
Material Wood
Type Living Wall
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