6in. Living Wall Planter

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There is a reason why living wall planters have become a favorite among homeowners and even business owners. They're not only a unique way to enjoy your favorite flowers, vines and other decorative greenery, but they also add curb appeal to your home. Combine with other walls to create a mini privacy screen, or use them as an accent throughout your existing garden. You can even mix and match various sizes to create a one of a kind visual display that will become the envy of your neighborhood. Each wall is sturdily built with a metal mesh backing and metal hinges to hold it in place easily. Perfectly suited for outdoor applications, this planter is impervious to weather conditions.

Use Your Vertical Planter Anywhere...

Our vertical planters are an original way to make a statement indoors and out. While they're a wonderful component to your landscape design, they're also fully able to be displayed indoors. Just add your favorite dried flowers, vines or artificial plants to create a look that is uniquely you. Additionally, they are ideally suited for outdoor vertical gardens, since no soil is needed. The walls contain moss which is capable of hanging onto all the moisture and nutrients needed to keep plants thriving. Additionally, it allows for optimum airflow to prevent common issues related to overwatering. Wall planters are also useful in some public settings as privacy screens and for decoration, since they're a highly original way to draw in new customers.

Find the Wall Planter You Need

Our planters come in varied sizes. These are great for mix and matching or use one or two of the same dimensions together or separately to achieve the look you're going for. We also have a wide range of additional privacy screens, living walls, and even artificial living walls from which to choose, so you're always certain to find something that achieves the look you desire.

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Length 6"
Height 6"
Width 6"
Material Wood
Type Living Wall
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