Living Wall Planter

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<p>If you're looking for a fun and unique way to display your favorite flowers or greenery, then you're sure to love these vertical garden planters. They allow you to create a living wall, perfect for adding a charming touch to your home's exterior while also adding a little extra privacy to smaller spaces like patios. These walls are highly durable with a mesh backing and metal hinges, so they're able to stand up against varied weather conditions when used outdoors. Mix and match living walls of various sizes for a one of a kind display, combine multiple walls to create a living privacy wall, or use a single piece as a unique accent.</p>
<h3>Grow Flowers on Living Wall Planters</h3>
<p>The great thing about these planters is that they are easy to use, as they don't require any soil. They come with moss, which is highly absorbent. This allows it to hang onto moisture to feed and nourish plants, while also allowing for proper aeration to promote ideal air flow to keep roots healthy. Additionally, the moss adds an attractive touch to the earthy feel of the wall. Simple add your seeds or flowers and water. You'll soon see your garden begin to grow, creating a vertical display that is sure to capture the attention of all who pass. It's a great addition to your existing garden as well.</p>
<h3>Using Wall Planters Indoors</h3>
<p>Not only do these make ideally suited gardening tools, but they can also create a striking display when used indoors. Just add dried flowers and other adornments by putting the stems directly into the metal mesh lining. Realistic artificial flowers may also be used for a more vibrant appeal. This allows you to get the look and feel of a living wall, but without the upkeep and mess when used indoors. Not recommended for use indoors with live plants due to moisture damage potential.</p>

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