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Residential Wood Planters

Residential Wood Planters

Wooden patio and deck planters are a canvas upon which to display favorite plants and flowers. At Hooks and Lattice, we feature wood planter boxes in a range of alluring styles appropriate for exterior or interior applications. From simple square wooden planters, to a rounded half barrel design, our customers find something here to charm and inspire new beauty at home.

With wood planter boxes made from different varieties of cedar in addition to redwood, gardeners will find patio and deck planters here to suit any landscape or architectural style. Perhaps the most beautiful thing about wooden planters is their natural and universal appeal. It's easy to see why many gardeners, homeowners and landscape designers choose wooden container gardening as an accent to exteriors and, in some cases, interiors. On a deck, patio, or the corner of a sunroom, wood planter boxes are simply - and naturally - stunning. To view styles and sizes, click on categories below.

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Natural wooden planters are hard to beat in terms of visual appeal and durability. Featured here in cedar and redwood varieties, the patio and deck planters from Hooks and Lattice are suited to exterior use for container gardening. Fill up wood planter boxes with your favorite annuals, perennials, grasses and small flowering shrubs for a living, lively accent on your outdoor hardscape spaces. As patio and deck planters, redwood and cedar are two commonly used types of timber. In part to their natural durability and resistance to rot, wood planter boxes made from these materials are sure to last multiple planting seasons. And their longevity is easily maximized with the following of a simple care regimen, mostly involving sealants and winter storage, depending on climate. Each of the no-rot wooden planters featured above is also inherently resistant to insects: A property that bodes well not only for the planting container, but also your garden and home on the whole. In browsing our selection of wood planter boxes above, online customers will find a diverse set of designs. All can be displayed in their natural finish, with our cedar deck planters providing the perfect opportunity for homeowners who want to paint or stain to a specific tone. Some styles sit flat against the ground, while others are hoisted up in a four-post configuration. Depending on planned plant and flower arrangements, consider the size of root structures in comparison to the overall size of your container garden enclosure. Some wooden patio and deck planters will come with liners, while others require the separate purchase of inserts if a lined container garden is desired. While boxes can be planted without liners, for maximum performance, lining the inside of wooden planters is advisable for optimal drainage and easier maintenance. From four-post wood planter boxes with groove and panel faces, to a wood slat configuration with flat faces, the designs offered online at Hooks and Lattice are diverse. And while each style is unique, they all showcase the natural beauty of the wood and make a brilliant canvas upon which to work your planting magic.