Residential Wood Planters

Residential Wood Planters

Wooden patio and deck planters are a canvas upon which to display favorite plants and flowers. At Hooks and Lattice, we feature wood planter boxes in a range of alluring styles appropriate for exterior or interior applications. From simple square wooden planters, to a rounded half barrel design, our customers find something here to charm and inspire new beauty at home.

With wood planter boxes made from different varieties of cedar in addition to redwood, gardeners will find patio and deck planters here to suit any landscape or architectural style. Perhaps the most beautiful thing about wooden planters is their natural and universal appeal. It's easy to see why many gardeners, homeowners and landscape designers choose wooden container gardening as an accent to exteriors and, in some cases, interiors. On a deck, patio, or the corner of a sunroom, wood planter boxes are simply - and naturally - stunning. To view styles and sizes, click on categories below.

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  1. Raised Panel Deck & Patio Planters
  2. Prado Cedar Planter 22in
  3. Cedar Half Wine Barrel Planter
    Cedar Half Wine Barrel Planter

    Starting at $49.85

  4. Post Deck & Patio Planters
    Post Deck & Patio Planters

    Starting at $95.85

  5. Square Lattice Deck Planters
    Square Lattice Deck Planters

    Starting at $209.00

  6. Fiera Cedar Planter 21in
  7. Fiera Cedar Planter 24in
  8. Milano Cedar Planter 19in
  9. Milano Cedar Planter 23in
  10. Milano Cedar Planter 27in
  11. Buckland Cedar Tub Planters
    Buckland Cedar Tub Planters
    Starting at $45.85
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Garden planters and pots can enhance residential architecture and landscapes in a variety of ways. A decorative planter will frame that special view, direct the flow of traffic, create and define boundaries or provide screening from the hot sun and prying eyes. Even use outdoor planters to add that one special flower or shrub that showcases your personal style and assigns distinction to your home.

Decorative planters have a powerful impact when placed around the front door, patio, porch, balcony and pool. The addition of outdoor planters and pots to these spaces, and any others in need of a boost, can transform your surroundings from bland to dramatic - uninviting to cozy. Warm your spaces and draw family and friends into them with the help of a decorative planter from Hooks and Lattice.

Before selecting a decorative planter, attention should be paid to the functional value as well as aesthetic appropriateness. Garden planters should be sturdy, have holes for drainage and should be sized for the intended plant or tree. Each outdoor and decorative planter we carry at Hooks and Lattice has been carefully selected to provide great design choices along with functionality, quality and value.

While browsing online, cruise our collection of Composite Premier Outdoor Planters made with Cellular PVC. The pride and joy of Hooks and Lattice outdoor planters, our dedicated craftsmen hand-make each of these Premier Composite garden planters from 4' x 8' sheets of solid architectural-grade PVC. While this material is frequently confused with wood due to its weight, density and appearance, it does not have the problems inherent to wood like water absorption, rotting, warping, cracking or splitting. Boost your curb appeal by combining a Premier Composite front porch planter with a harmonizing window box design, and enjoy your neighbors' compliments year-round.

As you will see, a variety of other outdoor planters and pots are available in practical and attractive materials like iron, vinyl, decorative plastics, redwood and cedar. Click individual product categories and descriptions for more information on prices, styles, sizes, color and finish options. No matter the material, when you add decorative container gardening touches to your home, it layers on dimension, visual impact and beauty. Create balance and harmony at home, and all while enjoying the process.

For questions on materials, styles and custom decorative planter options, please call 1-800-896-0978, 7am-5pm PST, Mon.-Fri.