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Danbury 24in. Bowl Planter

With a unique shape and chic, modern details, our resin bowl planters are the perfect stylish accent to fill with low-growing plants and flowers. The gorgeous style is matched with amazing quality that will give you a beautiful planter in even the harshest elements. And with a variety of finishes and design combinations, you can create a look to perfectly showcase your style in your home or garden.

Check out our selection of resin bowl planters to see how they can beautify your space, and then call our representatives to discuss your project and what we can do for you. You're sure to find that low bowl planters are a fantastic accent to any space.

Use 24" bowl planters to display mounding and tall plants and flowers or go modern by adding bamboo plants.

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Danbury 24in. Bowl Planter - Caviar Black
Danbury 24in. Bowl Planter - Rust
Danbury 24in. Bowl Planter - Weathered Stone

Quality Resin Bowl Planter

Forget what you've experienced with low-quality planters from other stores - our resin planters are built to last. In fact, each planter comes with a 10-year guarantee against damage. The planters are made with special resin material to resist harsh UV rays and other severe weather elements, which means your planters will stay in top shape year round without cracking or fading, no matter what they are exposed to. Even better, the planters look great with very little maintenance required from you.

Stylish Resin Planter

Our low bowl planters bring modern and minimalist style to any space. With a unique shape and interesting texture, the planter is sure to be a crowd favorite. Even better, our resin bowl planters come in three finishes: rust, weathered stone, or caviar black, so you can find the color that is perfect for your space. And with a low design and neutral colors, nearly any kind of flower or plant you choose is sure to dazzle. The basic design is flexible to work with many color schemes and design aesthetics-plant colorful flowers for a more traditional look or use textured grass to complete the modern ensemble. No matter where they are used, these planters are sure to be the perfect finishing touch for your space.

Multi-Use Low Bowl Planters

The unique shape and design of our resin bowl planters gives you total creativity when it comes to designing your home and garden space. Use a single planter as a centerpiece of an outdoor table, place multiple planters along a walkway, or clump them together to create a focal point in your garden. A wide variety of plants also work well in these pots, especially low-growing plants and flowers like succulents, pansies, and petunias, as well as herbs and textured grass. And because the planters are made to last in any season and weather, you can keep them blooming and flourishing all year round!