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Belaire 16" Planter

The ideal resin residential planter offers years of attractive appearance and fabulous color choices like weathered stone. The Belaire 16"resin residential planter does both, while adding unique design detail and elegant marbled effects in several shades as well as classic terra cotta and caviar black. Be sure to consider weathered stone and concrete - truly lovely additions to your - or someone else's - container garden. Or stay in more traditional flower pot tones using long-lasting Belaire marbled rust. This 16" container garden choice comes with drain holes, and is guaranteed to withstand weather and UV rays. In fact, it provides a 10-year warranty against fading or cracking, unlike store and nursery flower and plant containers. Three sets of sculpted rings make the Belaire flower pot simply elegant in your plantscape. A 16" pot is perfect for a large herb (or flower) or two, a pot of several small herbs or similar selections of flowers, or a thriller, filler, spiller combo. Flowers and herbs together are lovely, and some, such as lavender with its distinctive grey accent or riotous Nasturtium, are both great flowers and herbs.

Belaire 16in. Planter - Rust
Belaire 16in. Planter - Weathered Concrete
Belaire 16in. Planter - Weathered Stone
Belaire 16in. Planter - Weathered Terra Cotta
Belaire 16" Planter - Caviar Black
Our Belaire comes in four sizes, this 16" resin residential planter choice plus 12", 14", 20" and 24" resin residential planter pots to maximize its mix and match features. With its three elegant sculpted rings it's simple but stunning, and in a group even more so. This resin residential planter also gives you lovely color choices, including weathered stone, pictured, plus rust and concrete, all marbled, or simple weathered terra cotta or caviar black. Molto belle! Also delightful is the Belaire's 10-year warranty against both UV fading and cracking, a rarity in the container garden world these days. You won't be able to tell it's resin rather than stone unless you need to lift it. Any colors will complement each Belaire container garden planter, though we especially like dramatic shades or whites with black, and pastels with weathered stone and concrete for harmonic tones. Last, you'll appreciate subtle design features like the rolled rim for stability and pre-drilled drainage.

The Belaire planter transports you instantly to Greek, Italian and other Mediterranean ports of call. Depending on your favorite, you may envision bright whites, blues and reds especially characteristic of the Greek Islands, or the softer umber and terracotta tones of Italy, beautiful with bright or pastel flower tones. Whatever you picture, container plants and gardens will come to mind everywhere from house roofs and verandahs to palazzos and terraces filled with good conversation and great food. Let your residential planter be a reminder of favorite memories or dreams for the future. In the meantime, container gardens will make you happy at home! A collection of Belaire container pots adds a special look to any arrangement.

Another great plus of Belaire pots is their durability. Crafted in lightweight durable resin, even large pots stay light enough to rearrange your container garden at will as different plants reach their best in accent, complement or contrast, or to move fading plants back so others can shine. Many people like one color per grouping, but these planters mingle well, too, increasing the range of shades for designing your container garden plantings.