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Belaire 14" Planter

The ideal small residential planter offers you years of attractive appearance and color choices. The Belaire 14" small residential planner, shown in concrete, much more lovely than its name, does both, while adding unique design detail and elegant marbled effects along with classic terra cotta and caviar black. Be sure to consider weathered stone -- a truly lovely additions to your container garden. Or stay in more traditional flower pot tones using Belaire rust. This 14" container garden choice comes with drain holes, and is guaranteed to withstand weather and UV rays. In fact, it provides a 10-year warranty against fading or cracking, unlike store and nursery flower and plant pots. Three sets of sculpted rings make the Belaire flower pot simply elegant in your plantscape. A 14-inch pot is perfect for one to three large flowers or herbs, or a pot of more smaller herbs or flowers. Flowers and herbs make a lovely combination, and some, such as lavender with its distinctive grey accent or riotous Nasturtium in vivid reds or oranges, many with bright cream leaf accents, are both flowers and herbs.

Belaire 14in. Planter - Rust
Belaire 14in. Planter - Weathered Concrete
Belaire 14in. Planter - Weathered Stone
Belaire 14in. Planter - Weathered Terra Cotta
Belaire 14" Planter - Caviar Black
Have you tried surrounding large pots with a small residential planter such as our 14" Belaire stunner? Varying heights in pots as well as plants within each pot add texture and variety to container gardens. Small residential planters make it even easier to winter plants inside, and groupings of large and smaller pots make for great winter arrangements, too. You don't need several tiers when your container plants do the job for you. That also makes tiered plant stands do more - feature a different container arrangement on each tier.

The Belaire 14" planter is a great center for smaller arrangements, or tier for large flower pots, on balconies as well as decks and patios. It's guaranteed against cracking or fading for 10 years.

While it's easy to find annual flowers at your garden center, many of which are perennial through the coldest zones when wintered inside, you may not readily find information on herbs, another great container garden choice. You can grow enough basil for pesto by giving a Genovese or other Italian basil its own pot, with the Belaire 14" residential planter a good choice for a single large herb container. Unless you do pestos or teas, you won't need lots of large herbs, but if you like teas be sure to include mint. Besides working as an ingredient in almost any tea, it's a staple accent in Mediterranean cooking, and can zip up mild tastes such as lentils year-round. A few snipped mint leaves look elegant and taste lovely with fruit and ice cream desserts. Traditional peppermint along with the tiny leaves of Corsican mint filling out the bottom of the pot is a gorgeous plant container combo.

How about flowering herbs in your container garden? Herbs that grown happily in pots and provide edible flowers as a bonus include lavender, thyme, dill, cilantro, day lily, squash blossom, Nasturtiums, chives and varietal basils. Rosemary, which thrives in containers both inside and out, has lovely blue flowers. Besides being delicious in meat, poultry and vegetable dishes, a sprig under your pillow is said to banish nightmares. Its delicious scent may be the secret to pleasant dreams. Choose a Belaire planter today to start on a whole new container garden aesthetic.