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Presidential Square Patio Planters

Primp your patio this year with the Presidential Self-Watering Planter Boxes. All-weather construction ensures lasting outdoor use, and materials are even backed by a 15-year limited warranty:

  • 16" square patio planter
  • Made of high-grade, molded polyethylene plastic
  • Choice of black, clay or white
  • UV inhibitors help to preserve finishing

Not your average vinyl planters, these all-climate, low-maintenance boxes are as stylish as they are weather-savvy. Take advantage of a generous 5-gallon soil capacity for plentiful potting. And with sub-irrigation built in, these self-watering planter boxes support healthy roots. Hold more than 3.5 gallons of nourishing water at a time and let square patio planters drink on their own for days without any hands on care. Also, containers are virtually free of maintenance concerns from season to season, making this a truly effortless growing space.

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Presidential 16in. Square Patio Planter - Black
Presidential 16in. Square Patio Planter - Clay
Presidential 16in. Square Patio Planter - White

Looking to enliven porches, patios and landings? The Presidential Vinyl Planters exhilarate the eye with a timeless sense of style. Plus, adding this 16" square patio planter means more room for all the vivid flowers and greens of the season. Just picture cheerful marigolds, poppies or tulips springing forth from that previously empty patio corner - a vibrant improvement, to be sure.

As suggested by its name, the Presidential Outdoor Planter Box has a presence to be respected. Containers are built using a high-grade, molded polyethylene plastic. This material is robust, weather resistant and equipped with UV inhibitors for all-around durable use. To the inside, containers measure 11.9"L x 11.9"W x 11"D. And this is also a self-watering planter box with a sub-irrigation system incorporated into the container body:

  • Approximate Soil Capacity: 5 gallons
  • Approximate Water Reservoir Capacity: 3.7 gallons

With plenty of room to pot, vinyl planters make an inviting home for blooming annuals and perennials in addition to plants with a more permanent root structure. And the self-watering component helps planter boxes to maintain optimal moisture levels for the healthiest roots possible. This makes for happy plants and flourishing arrangements.

Square patio planters feature attractive paneling on all four sides, outlined by molded top and bottom borders. The footing is sturdy and weather resistant so there's no concern for rot or corrosion. And containers even come backed by a 15-year limited warranty. Show off your green thumb in any region, regardless of climate. Even where temperatures plunge and skyrocket, polyethylene is known for its resilient performance.

Vinyl residential planter boxes come in a choice of black, clay or white for easy color matching. While bright floral hues make the design pop, small green shrubs also prove a smart-looking choice for understated elegance. On top of it all, the Presidential requires little to no maintenance to stay sharp. Most of our customers find that a simple cosmetic wipe down here and there is more than enough care.