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Camden Tall Patio Planters

Patio garden planters manufactured in high-grade polyethylene, as in these Camden Tall Outdoor Planters, make it difficult to tell they are plastic planter boxes. Visually, these containers are akin to painted wood although their durable and rot-proof nature makes plastic planter boxes longer-lasting and lower maintenance than the material they resemble.

More and more container gardeners are looking to alternatives like the Camden Tall Outdoor Planters in derivations of polyethylene material. Vinyl deck and patio garden planters achieve a look that is similar to painted wood, but have all the benefits of a plastic alternative that is virtually maintenance free, lightweight and resists the adverse effects of moisture, heat and cold exposure.

The Camden Tall Patio Planters are made in the U.S.A. in an attractive, vertically tapering silhouette. These polyethylene plastic planter boxes and can hold approximately 8 gallons of soil and come with a sub-irrigation system for watering that features a 6.5-gallon reservoir. Choose from a black, white or clay finish.

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Camden Tall Tapered Patio Planter - White
Camden Tall Tapered Patio Planter - Clay
Camden Tall Tapered Patio Planter - Black
High-grade polyethylene plastic planter boxes just look like wooden deck and patio garden planters. In truth, containers like the Camden Tall Outdoor Planters are much more durable, lighter weight, and resistant to rotting from moisture and fading from the sun. When considering all their versatile qualifications, plastic planter boxes prove quite a nice alternative to wood, cast stone and other clunky, temperamental materials.

Each of the Camden Tall Outdoor Planters is made in the U.S.A. from a high-grade polyethylene material that is molded into this pleasing design. With a elegant taper, interesting panel details, and molding at the container's top rim, these patio garden planters can rival much heavier and more expensive pots. Polyethylene plastic planter boxes also come in a choice of three popular shades, white, black or clay, to fit in with any exterior decor.

Patio garden planters featured above are designed to be an essentially maintenance free container garden. Each Camden style planter comes with a sub-irrigation system built in for carefree watering and optimal use of moisture. An internal reservoir holds up to 6.5 gallons, or 24 liters, and allows plants to drink as needed for an even saturation of roots. A removable drainage tray completes the efficient watering system.

When deciding what deck and patio garden planters are right for your home, material considerations, size and style are the three big points to hit. Plastic planter boxes in this attractive Camden style are closest to painted wood in appearance, measure 28.5in. x 16in. x 16in., and have a style best described as traditional or classic. Paneling and molded trim details give each container a refined looking finish, and their vertically stretched silhouette adds a dramatic effect to porches and hardscape outdoor surfaces.

Made in the U.S.A., the Camden Tall Outdoor Planters also come with a 15-year limited warranty. With all the beautiful years of planting ahead, start picturing these planters flanking doorways, in the corners of a patio, or as an alluring accent along steps that lead up to a deck. All this and more is possible with beautiful, smart and durable polyethylene plastic planter boxes.