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Promenade Tall Patio Planters

Pictured at left, the Promenade Tall Plastic Planters have a charming beaded panel design and are gently tapered planters that narrow slightly from top to bottom. Ideal for use as deck and patio planters, these containers are an accent in themselves and even more so when brimming with brilliantly colored flowers and green plants. Also, with a durable construction out of high-grade polyethylene, these tall plastic planters will adorn your home for years to come.

In addition to their attractiveness as deck and patio planters, the Promenade style also comes with an array of practical features. For healthy growing, these tapered planters come with a sub-irrigation watering system built in to the container. This consists of a 6.5-gallon reservoir and self-watering tray. These accessories can also be removed to allow full use of space for soil. As a watertight model, Promenade Tall Patio Planters do not come with pre-drilled drainage holes but gardeners can easily add them to allow water to escape.

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Promenade Tall Patio Planter-Black
Promenade Tall Patio Planter-Clay
Promenade Tall Patio Planter-White
For attractive tall plastic planters made form durable polyethylene materials, the Promenade Patio Planters are a happy marriage of form and function. These decorative tapered planters are also fully functional container gardening systems that feature an interior sub-irrigation system and a soil capacity of approximately 10 gallons. Ideal for use as deck and patio planters, the alluring Promenade style will help lay lovely root to your favorite plants and flowers.

Design features of the Promenade begin from the elegantly molded rim of these tapered planters that gently slopes inward and down to a sturdy square footing. On each face of these tall plastic planters, sophisticated beaded paneling has been created from high-grade polyethylene but actually evokes an appearance that closely resembles painted wood. Which brings us to one of the greatest perks of buying deck, porch and patio planters made from high-grade plastic materials: they mimic other materials visually, but have a low-maintenance temperament and long-lasting design. Tall plastic planters are also lighter weight and, consequently, easier to move throughout your home landscape.

As a watertight option, the Promenade Tall Patio Planters do not come with drainage holes. For gardeners desiring an escape for water, drainage openings are easy to drill through the polyethylene material. These tall plastic planters are already fitted with a built-in irrigation system that fosters healthy roots by allowing plants to "drink" as needed for optimal saturation. However, for container gardens desiring a little more room for soil and a more manual style of watering, the sub-irrigation system is removable to allow for more space.

Enhancing the look of a patio, deck, front stoop or wrap-around porch is easy and carefree with tall plastic planters. The Promenade style measures 32in. x 15.5in. x 15.5in. for an interesting addition of vertical dimension to hardscape surfaces. Play up the skyward height with tall blade grasses, bamboo or springing flowers, and add a downward layer to that with flowering or green vines. Make container gardens suited to your residential design scheme, and do it all in the carefree housing of polyethylene patio planters. Containers are available to order online at Hooks & Lattice in your choice of clay, white or black.