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Fluorescent Sign Lighting & Outdoor Flood Lights

Fluorescent sign lights and outdoor flood lights are used to illuminate wall mounted and pedestal type signs everywhere across the country. Sign Bracket Store distributes exterior architectural lighting fixtures provided by a number of different companies for a diverse range of outdoor spot lights and outdoor flood lights.
Browse the entire category of fluorescent sign lights by scrolling through the section below and find a range of functional and architectural lighting options for commercial exteriors. From standard 6in. flood light style fluorescent lights to a four-foot wide, high output T5 Fluorescent light, we provide your sign lighting solutions. Mounting pedestals for outdoor spot lights and ground stakes for outdoor flood lights are also featured. Whichever fluorescent flood light fixture you need, shop online at your convenience to find a comprehensive architectural lighting solution suited to your commercial exterior project.

For questions on a particular fluorescent flood light fixture or a one-on-one project consultation, please call
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23" Wide - 24W T5 High Output Sign Floodlight- Aluminum
34.5" Wide - 39W T5 High Output Sign Floodlight- Aluminum
46.5" Wide - 54W T5 High Output Sign Floodlight- Aluminum
24" Wide - 17W T8 High Output Sign Floodlight- Aluminum
 34.5" Wide - 25W T8 High Output Sign Floodlight- Aluminum
48" Wide - 32W T8 High Output Sign Floodlight- Aluminum
24" T5 Fluorescent Sign Light 14W Lamp
35.75" T5 Fluorescent Sign Light 21W Lamp
48" T5 Fluorescent Sign Light 28W Lamp
94.25" T5 Fluorescent Sign Light - Two 28W Lamps
LED Linear Flood & Sign Light (23.5"W) 18 Watts
LED Linear Flood & Sign Light (47.6" W) 37 Watts
LED Linear Flood & Sign Light (94" W) 80 Watts
13W Energy Efficient Sign FloodLight- Non-metallic
26W Energy Efficient Sign FloodLight- Non-metallic
PAR 20 Directional Bullet Sign Light
Low Voltage Directional Bullet Lights
PAR 38 Directional Bullet Sign Light 5.5"D
6" 7W Compact Fluorescent Sign Light - Aluminum
Flood/Spot Lighting Installation Accessories
120v Medium Bronze Double-Ended HID Flood Fixture
120v Aluminum Dual-Element Mini HID Flood Fixture
120v Aluminum 12W LED Flood Fixture with Adjustable "U" Bracket
Brass Directional LED Spot Light With Hood - 12V Low Voltage
LED Step And Wall Light - 12V Low Voltage Crystal Stainless Steel Recessed Brick
For commercial lighting projects dealing in exterior wall or pedestal mounted signage, look no further than this collection of outdoor flood lights and outdoor spot lights, supplied by Sign Bracket Store. Across the country, from industrial parks to urban office plazas, this style of architectural lighting is used to ensure signage and commercial landscaping is always properly illuminated.

Fluorescent outdoor flood lights are among some of the most popular in the sign lighting industry due to their efficient output of illumination. By strategically placing fluorescent sign lights around raised signage and pointing each fluorescent flood light fixture at a correct trajectory, you ensure outdoor placards are optimally lit under any cover of dark. Whether utilizing a single high output T5 Fluorescent light for an office park post and panel, or a combination of smaller fluorescent sign flood lights for a larger signage area, find it online at Sign Bracket Store.

Browse products listed in the above category to find assorted styles of outdoor flood lights with varying sizes and wattage levels. Depending on the size of your project and the style of light you prefer, architectural lighting fixtures may be used on their own or in groups to achieve the desired photometric profile. For an intense light stream, we offer brilliant commercial fluorescent lights including a high output T5 Fluorescent light in assorted sizes. Energy efficient options for fluorescent sign flood lights are also available in addition to smaller, Low Voltage Directional Bullet Lights.

Outdoor spot lights are also ideal as sign lighting fixtures do to their pointed trajectory and clean stream of illumination. By situating them in groups and swiveling them in the desired direction, it is easy to direct light to the exact place in which it's needed. Directional outdoor spot lights are smaller than flood lights, but still powerful illuminators.

On top of the lighting fixtures themselves, there are also ground stake and pedestal mounts for your outdoor flood lights and spot lights. Each mounting option is heavy duty and designed for commercial grade exteriors with a 1/2in. threaded opening to accept most standard outdoor sign lighting fixtures.

By clicking on individual commercial fluorescent lights and fluorescent sign lights, our customers will find more detailed information regarding product dimensions, installation facts like mounting, wiring and ballast (where applicable), and the materials and finishes used to make each fluorescent flood light fixture.

Shop fluorescent sign lights, flood lights and spot lights online at your convenience and for questions on what type of architectural lighting style is right for your project, don't hesitate to contact a knowledgeable member of our team. Lighting experts are available to discuss your commercial lighting project in more detail and help to align your order with specific requirements.