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Fiberglass planters for commercial use can be manufactured to nearly any size, shape or color. Browse through our selection of large outdoor planters to find the style that best fits your particular application. We're confident we've got the style, size and color option that can work. Our large planters can be custom made to nearly any size and in small quantities without the need for a mold when your design calls for square planters, rectangular planters or tapered planters.

Beyond straight lines and sharp angles - Planters Unlimited offers large urn planters, large bowl shaped and jug shaped fiberglass planters. Our commercial grade planters can be fabricated in numerous finishes including a smooth painted surface, a light textured sandstone or even a surface that looks just like stucco.

You might find other manufacturers that can build large planters, but you will be hard-pressed to find anyone with the favorable lead times, flexibility and quality of Planters Unlimited.

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The variety of large planters that can be made with fiberglass is almost limitless. One of the most popular finish styles of fiberglass planters is the look of antique cast stone. While the fiberglass material will look just like cast stone or concrete it can be done at a fraction of the weight and price.

Limitless Design Possibilites

Our molded fiberglass capabilities are not limited to a stone looking finish. They can be finished to look like painted wood, terra cotta or even a modern composite. Yet the fiberglass will outperform these materials due to its longevity, strength and toughness, while being reasonably lightweight. These qualities are especially important when these garden boxes are subjected to dramatic temperature changes or stresses from relocating them. Fiberglass planters are a particularly good choice when they will be placed indoors or in other areas where water is not allowed to seep out.

Call us toll free for more information regarding our line of custom outdoor planters, commercial planters or if you simply need large planters. 1-888-320-0626