The Promenade Vinyl Window Box

The Promenade Vinyl Window Box

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The Promenade Vinyl Window Box

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Product Overview:

  • Built in reservoir system that helps keep your plants healthy.
  • Made from high-grade polyethylene with a double wall constructions.
  • Comes with wall mounting hardware.
  • 7 gallon soil capacity

Looking to add curb appeal? Enhance the look of your home with a vinyl window box planter from Hooks and Lattice. Accent the edge of your patio or add a finishing touch under your windows. Included with each window box is a set of wall mount brackets that allow for easy removal of the planter making fall cleanup a breeze.

The Promenade window boxes also feature a water-reservoir that creates a self-watering effect to keep your plants looking fresh, even when you're away! The Promenade window boxes feature a beaded panel design made from high-grade polyethylene with a double wall construction. A generous 7 gallon soil capacity provides more than enough room for your favorite flowers and plants. Each of these vinyl window boxes comes with 3 wall mount brackets with a black powder coated finish. Railing brackets are also available for order to use your Promenade as a railing planter.

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More Information
Length 36", 48"
Height 11"
Width 11"
Material Vinyl
Color Black, Clay, White
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Easy Elegance with Vinyl Window Box Planters

Give your home a face lift the fast and easy way with vinyl window boxes by Hooks and Lattice. Our Promenade vinyl planters are designed to instantly update and accentuate your home's exterior, and all it takes it mounting the boxes beneath windows or along other flat surfaces. They're designed to add style and a more tailored look, even before you have flowers displayed inside. Create the garden you've always wanted, no matter how small your yard, with these easy to mount boxes placed strategically along windows, railings or even on fences where a little added color is needed.

With the Promenade line of vinyl window boxes, you don't have to be a great gardener to enjoy healthy, vibrant plants. Your flowers stay colorful and lively, and your greenery maintains its vitality thanks to an internal reservoir found inside each planter. Moisture and nourishment are delivered right to the roots of your planters where it counts, and in just the right amounts. You don't have to constantly worry that you forgot to water the flowers, and root rot due to over watering is a thing of the past. Just fill the reservoir when needed and get on with your week. This easy to use system makes the Promenade line ideal for those who are new to gardening, those with black thumbs in the family, or anyone who wants the perks of fresh flowers but is limited on time. You're also free to vacation or travel for work without fear.

Plant Container Maintenance? Forget About It!

Each window box planter is made from durable vinyl. Unlike other materials like wood and some metals, vinyl won't rust, rot, warp, or otherwise become damaged in harsh weather conditions. Even if you live in an area with frequent rain, snow, or direct sun, you're window boxes maintain their appearances season after season. Maintenance is limited to a wipe down with a damp cloth or wash off with the garden hose.

With their easy to mount system, boxes are also simple to install virtually anywhere there is a flat surface. Put them up at the beginning of the season, and take them down during the fall when the planting season is over. Or, easily switch up the style by replacing your summer blooms with cold weather or artificial flowers and keep the colors going well into the cooler seasons.

Hardware is included and features a durable powder coated finish to prevent rusting and corrosion, allowing it to maintain the integrity of your planters while ensuring they maintain an attractive appearance. Custom sizes and colors are available upon request.

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