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Exterior Shutter shopping for your home can be a difficult and time consuming process. At Hooks and Lattice it is our goal to make the exterior shutter buying process as easy and as quick as possible.

Much like framing a work of art, well-chosen shutters can draw attention to an architectural window or balance a poorly-placed or sized window.

Newer homes today are often featured with decorative fixed shutters mounted directly to the home for ornamentation purposes only. While this is an improvement from the lack of exterior shutters, many home owners are starting to recognize the aesthetic value of exterior window shutters that give the appearance of an operable exterior shutter. This has led to the increased use of shutter hardware such as faux exterior shutter brackets, L-shaped shutter hinges, pintels, slide bolts and shutter dogs. At Hooks and Lattice we try to give each homeowner every possible option to ensure they are getting the look and feel they want from their exterior house shutters.

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When making your exterior shutter choices the main considerations should be functionality, style, maintenance, cost and authenticity. If you looking for the lowest cost, easy installation and completely maintenance free exterior window shutters we recommend installing our high quality line of exterior vinyl shutters made by Mid-America. Shutters for houses are inexpensive, lightweight, pre-finished, maintenance free and come with a 40 year warranty. On another end of the outdoor shutter spectrum, we can offer a fully operable hurricane rated, historically accurate composite shutters mounted with stainless steel exterior shutter hardware we recommend the Atlantic fiberglass shutters. In between these extremes we offer two compelling exterior shutter materials: our premier composite cellular PVC shutters as well as wooden shutters made from Western Red Cedar, Mahogany or Reclaimed Wood. Because there is such a wide variety of outside window shutters for sale online, we always recommend our customers give us a call 1-800-896-0978. Remember that your shutters will look their best if they are mounted with either decorative or functional hardware! Easy to add pieces like shutter hinges, faux strap hinges and decorative shutter holdbacks are fan favorites. Unique hardware can be found as well; see clavos decorative nails, slide bolts and New York Hinge Sets.

What were shutters used for?

Originally swinging shutters were designed to protect the home from wind and weather. Before the advent of exterior glass shutters, which were operated from the interior would keep out unwanted heat, pests, wind, rain snow or intruders. Oftentimes homes would use raised panel exterior wood shutters or board and batten style panels on the lower level windows for security and louvered shutters for air circulation near the bedrooms on the upper windows. More recently shutters have become more of a necessity in hurricane prone areas such as the south were new building codes are requiring either high impact rated safety glass or operable hurricane rated storm shutters. With windows, you can never be too safe - we also offer hurricane shutters that meet Dade County's rigid requirements. Fiberglass Bahama shutters and Bahama shutter hardware kits make installation easy and secure.

Shutters for windows come in many materials, styles and colors. At Hooks and Lattice it is our goal to bring you the widest selection of exterior shutters on the internet. Hooks and Lattice offers many materials to choose from:

Because there is such a wide variety of shutter manufacturers it is very challenging for the average home owner to make the best decision based on the literature and pictures available on various websites.  Home owners need a shutter manufacturer like Hooks and Lattice who have done all the preliminary work to bring you the very best selection of shutter styles and shutter colors. Some of which we make ourselves and in the cases where we have found companies that offer shutters with outstanding quality and value we have passed that on to our customers.

How can I use shutters to increase curb appeal?

Nowadays it's a no-brainer to increase "Curb Appeal" and the resale value of your home with window shutters. Exteriors need curb appeal. Let's face it - almost every article that you read that talks about "Curb Appeal" mentions the possibility of adding exterior shutters to a home in order to give more color and depth from the street. Hooks and Lattice offers a complete line of custom exterior shutters including styles like:

Whether you're interested in shutters you never have to replace or just something quick and easy to add value to your home, exterior window shutters are the answer. We can handle every job - small or large - call us toll free today for consultation or to request estimates on custom shutters or bulk orders. Emailed shutter quote requests are also accepted, Click Here to contact us.

Please note: Some shutter types are made to order and considered "non-returnable". Please see our Return Policy section to read about each specific product prior to ordering.